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Addict in The Family: A Resource Guide
Addresses a widespread problem and provides answers to questions about heroin and heroin addiction. Website for the book by Dr. Andrew Byrne.
Addiction Recovery Guide
HONcode accredited recovery resource for drug and alcohol addiction including evaluation, treatment programs, holistic approaches, residential treatment centers and an active message board.
Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission
Alcohol and drug abuse information provided by the government of this Canadian province.
Alcohol and Other Drugs: Self Responsibility
Research and other articles about "binge" drinking, minimum age, health problems, and history of alcohol and health reform cycles.
The Alcoholism and Addictions Resource Directory
Lists rehabilitation and treatment programs for adults and adolescents. Includes forum, professional resources, and clinical information.
Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN)
A central point of access to quality alcohol and drug resources. Search, links and FAQs.
Behavioral Research Center of the Southwest
Non-profit agency that researches substance abuse and other behavioral health issues. A major focus is the impact of cultural factors on substance use. An environment for researchers to meet and work online.
Biological Mechanisms of Addiction
An article about repeated exposure to a drug and how it produces long term changes in nervous system.
California Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors Forums
Open forums and news for professional addiction counselors.
Centre for Duncanian Studies
The Centre is a group of researchers who apply a Duncanian perspective to the study of alcoholism and other forms of drug abuse.
Codependency and Addiction Treatment
Directory of addiction recovery sites with a focus on codependency. Site features worksheets and tests to learn about family roles in addiction and codependency recovery as well as treatment center referrals.
Controversies in the Addiction's Field
Compares various views of alcoholism and drug addictions. Each has a different treatment method. Out of print 1990 book by American Council on Alcoholism to download or read online.
Cyber Recovery
Listing of resources for alcoholism and addiction. Multiple topic specific message boards for support.
DHHS Workplace Resource Center
US Department of Health and Human Services offers information for the prevention and treatment of drug abuse in the workplace. Includes resources for employers and employees.
Dual Diagnosis
Information on treatment and program development for co-occurring dual/multiple disorders; mental illness, drug addiction and alcoholism, MIDAA(R), and MICA.
Duncanian Theory of Addiction
Examines the theory developed by Prof. David F. Duncan to explain addiction to alcohol and other drugs or to behaviors such as gambling and internet use.
Expert Answers Addiction Questions
Robert Perkinson, M.D. answers questions on alcoholism, teen drug abuse and gambling addiction. Features a resource library.
Family Recovery through Education and Empowerment
Resources and information relating to recovery from addiction, codependency, abuse, counseling, education, and prevention.
Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals
Resources for anyone working with clients with drug and alcohol problems, as well as those providing substance misuse education and prevention services.
Global Interventions
For families and employers seeking help for individuals with alcohol, drug and other dependencies.
Harvard Medical School - Division on Addictions
Provides links to resources including articles, FAQs, library and archives, events, research projects.
Hired Power
California-based service provides sober coaches to help avoid relapse, available in several states. Accepting treatment professionals to match with clients.
An Integrated Treatment Approach for Severely Mentally Ill Individuals with Substance Disorders
Excerpt from paper by Kathleen Sciacca, from Chapter 6 of New Directions For Mental Health Services, No. 50, Summer 1991: Jossey-Bass, Publishers.
Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation
Coordinates research and knowledge transfer among researchers, assists professionals in the field, and informs public policy makers in the area of substance abuse.
The Loyola Group
20 hours of short and specific audio talks, dealing with alcohol/drug recovery topics.
The Man in the Glass
Articles on alcoholism, drug abuse and substance dependence. Information on rehabilitation, detoxification and strategies. Suited to alcoholics, addicts, friends and those interested in the disease of addiction.
Mayo Clinic: Drug Addiction
Description of signs and symptoms, causes, risk factors and treatment options.
National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation
Information and resources on the prevention and intervention of addictions, alcohol, drug and solvent abuse, for First Nations and Inuit Communities.
NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
The NIDA for Teens Web site helps educate adolescents ages 11 through 15 (as well as their parents and teachers) on the science behind drug abuse.
Prescription Drug Addiction
An education and support resource for individuals and families dealing with addiction to prescription drugs. How to recognize a problem. Commonly abused medications.
Recovery Resources
Recovery Resources is a non-profit organization based in Cleveland, Ohio devoted to helping people with mental illness, alcoholism, drug and other addictions.
Self-Help for Overcoming Addictions
Practical information on breaking addictions, techniques for reducing stress and improving spirituality.
The Self-Medication Hypothesis
A theory of the causation of addictions. This site explores both Khantzian's psychoanalytic model and Duncan's behavioral model of the hypothesis.
Sober Champion
Professional service provides telephone and in-person coaching to help avoid relapse into alcohol or drug use, with pages on crisis and intervention.
Dedicated to providing information, services, and products to individuals and families in recovery, promoting a sober lifestyle while having fun.
Southworth Associates
Working with corporations, individuals and families to provide intervention and monitoring services for individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues.
Web of Addictions
Provides information about alcohol and other drug addictions. Includes facts, links, meetings, special topics and contact details for specific groups.
Welsh Council on Alcohol and Other Drugs
A think tank promoting debate and policy initiatives in the field of substance misuse in Wales, UK. Includes history, press releases, current events, links, and contact details.
Working Partners for an Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
Searchable database on substance abuse, state and territory laws, drug-free workplace advisor.
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