Health Addictions Substance Abuse Alcohol and Drug Detection
Devices, tests, products, and companies that screen for the use of alcohol or drugs in hair, urine, saliva, sweat, fingernails, or blood.

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Aegis Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
Specializes in zero-tolerance drug testing.
Offers a number of different drug test services, including in home tests.
Central Medical Review
Provides drug testing services to employers of commercial truck drivers and other federally regulated employees.
ChemScreen, Inc.
Nationwide drug and alcohol screening company utilizing hair, urine, and oral fluids.
Clinical Collection Management, Inc.
Offers a wide variety of products and services to help organizations screen for substance abuse.
Clinical Reference Laboratory
Servicing the insurance industry with substance abuse testing and corporate wellness services.
Clinigen Drug Testing and Screening
Provides clinical drug testing services for employers, institutions, and agencies throughout the United States.
Compass Vision, Inc.
Provides of substance abuse services for professional healthcare monitoring.
Drug Abuse Recognion Training
Trains employers, schools, and law enforcement to recognize and document drug impairment. Other services include expert witness.
Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
The National Association for the drug and alcohol testing industry, with over 1000 members.
Drug Free Workplace
Information for drug-free workplace professionals.
Drug Free Workplaces, Inc.
Provides drug-free workplace services to small and medium sized businesses.
Drug Screen Compliance & Consortium of the Southwest
Drug testing business. Locations in Texas and eastern New Mexico.
Drug Screens Plus
Provide a variety of testing programs for government institutions, public companies, and private businesses.
Drug Test Coordinators, Inc.
Offers a full range of employee drug and alcohol testing services including development of drug free workplace policies.
Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace
An independent, self-sustaining coalition of businesses, business organizations, and individuals. Features information to help employers develop, implement, and maintain a drug-free workplace program.
Norchem Drug Testing Laboratory
Offers premium drug testing for a broad variety of law enforcement, social services, and employment organizations.
NorthAmerican Transportation Association, Inc.
A nationally accredited drug and alcohol program by DATIA.
Norton Medical Industries
Federally approved drug and alcohol testing services.
Occupational medicine physician provides advice, information and forums on workplace drug and alcohol testing.
OHS Health and Safety Services, Inc.
Provides on-site and off-site alcohol and drug-abuse testing services.
Omega Labs
Information about drug testing available for both urine and hair.
Partners in Safety
Offers a wide variety of workplace drug and alcohol testing and consulting.
PharmChem Laboratories, Inc.
An independent laboratory providing integrated drug testing products and services worldwide.
Pipeline Testing Consortium, Inc
Provides administration of federally mandated Alcohol and Drug programs which includes full service in regard to meeting the Department of Transportation regulations. Includes contact details, services and links.
Psychemedics Hair Testing
Provides a patented hair test technology for the detection of drugs of abuse.
S & G Associates, Inc.
Drug-free workplace testing services for companies regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Highway Administration.
The SASSI Institute
A one-page paper and pencil test that identifies people who suffer from substance dependence.
Source1 Solutions
Experience in the fields of drug testing and background research, accompanied by a vast array of products and services.
Sport Safe Testing Service, Inc.
Specializes in student drug testing programs.
US Screening Source
Drug testing kits and screening. FDA approved products can screen for up to eleven drugs including marijuana and cocaine. Drug testing advice and pre-employment screening.
WPCI Online
Provider of drug testing programs, products and services.
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