This category is for the web game Stellar Crisis, originally developed by Sylvan Clebsch in 1995. It was the first widely known multi-player strategy game on the Web. Stellar Crisis, often referred to as SC, can be played with any graphical web browser, under any operating system, even at slow connection speeds. No browser plug-ins or extensions are required, not even Java or JavaScript. SC is a game of two-dimensional territory conquest, with similarities to some classic board games such as Risk and war games. Players build ships to explore and colonize an empty universe. When they meet other empires, they may have the option of peacefully trading, or even allying, or they may be forced to go to war, depending on the parameters of the specific game. Each server hosts many concurrent games, each with a limited number of players in it. The source code for Stellar Crisis is freely available, under a license that lets anyone see it, modify it, or host a server, as long as the game is always free to all players and presented without advertisements.

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Stellar Crisis Room
General resource for the free, interactive web war/strategy game. Includes FAQ, beginner's tutorial, links to active servers, annotated archive of past game maps, build calculators, history of the game, and news about players and servers.
Clan Dogs Of War
Plays Stellar Crisis. Provides a memberlist.
Explanation of V3.0 Series Variables and Terminology
Glossary of terms used to describe the parameters of a series of games, including the new features introduced in Version 3. Also details the costs and abilities of all ship types, with formulas.
Gooseberry's Stellar Crisis School
Intermediate and advanced tactics, including a detailed discussion of the Cuckoo Blitz series. Last updated early in 2000.
SourceForge: Project Info - Stellar Crisis Original
Repository for SC source code (written in Pike, the scripting language for the Roxen web server), bug reports, game player and developer mailing lists, and related documentation.
Stellar Crisis Club
Bulletin board for SC players. [Requires free Yahoo registration.]
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