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A free air combat game. Offers screenshots, storyline and links to active servers.
Ashes of Angels
A space game where the player can become a trader, smuggler, or pirate. Includes missions, ship upgrades, rankings and a guide.
Astro Wars
Provides a forum, registration, rankings, and help.
Includes a game manual, a wiki, and character information.
A space-based attack and resource management game. Contains server statistics, screen shots, registration, and a forum. [Also in Bulgarian.]
Call of Combat
Based on small-arms combat in WWII Europe. Furnishes player statistics, an FAQ, and a discussion forum.
Fall of Rome
RTS in which players compete against each other over the remnants of the (fallen) Roman Empire. Includes forums and documentation.
Galactic Emperor: Hegemony
An empire building game of space conflict. Includes a forum, FAQs, and registration.
A free-to-play fantasy browser game. Contains screenshots, game information and a forum.
Immortal Cities: Nile Online
City building game set in ancient Egypt. Includes screenshots, forums, a wiki and registration page.
Imperia Online
A medieval-based theme. Provides screen shots, game information, registration, and a forum.
Imperial Ages
Empire building game set in the Medieval Ages. Contains online manual, screenshots, forums, a blog and links to active servers.
Land of Destiny (LoD)
Online strategy game in a midieval surrounding with economical, militairy and strategical aspects. The production systeem is inspired by The Settlers games. (available in several languages).
Last Knights
Medieval MMORTS game that is based in Europe. Includes a forum, maps, wars, and customized troops.
Magic Duel
Role-playing fantasy game with quests. Incorporates hand-drawn concept art, screenshots, features and a forum.
Mech Crusaders
Includes general information and signups.
Modern Conquest
Includes a tutorial, news, FAQs, and a forum.
Quantum Legacy: Initial Tactics
A 3D time travel game. Offers news, help, screenshots, and a discussion forum. [Shockwave required.]
Country management in the medieval era. Includes guides, registration page and forums.
Realms of Rivalry
Medieval era. Includes instructions, forums, and statistics.
Free multiplayer online robots battle game. Includes help, missions, game maps edition, forum, chat, high scores. [Requires Flash]
Roman Quest
Gladiator themed multiplayer game. Registration required to play.
Space Conquest
An empire control game. Has a forum and rankings.
Space Empires
Includes news, an introduction and FAQ, and a forum.
Rule and planet and build fleets of ships. Offers message board, online play, and manual.
Supremacy 1914
Real-time military strategy game. Screenshots, game manual, and FAQs.
Visual Utopia
Empire building game. Includes forums, documentation and a Java chatroom.
Warring Factions
A massively multiplayer space game.
Warzone Five
A battle game with map, news, rankings, and forum. The goal is to survive.
World War 3
Furnishes news, statistics, player profiles, and a forum.
An empire building game set in the 25th century. Contains game information, screenshots, forums and links to active servers.
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