From the FAQ: Netrek is a 16-player two-dimensional graphical real-time battle simulation with a Star Trek theme. A game is divided into two teams of 8 players (or fewer), who dogfight each other and attempt to conquer each other's planets. Netrek is the probably the first video game which can accurately be described as a "sport." It has more in common with basketball than with arcade games or Quake. Its vast and expanding array of tactics and strategies allows for many different play styles; the best players are the ones who think fastest, not necessarily the ones who twitch most effectively. It can be enjoyed as a twitch game, since the dogfighting system is extremely robust, but the things that really set Netrek apart from other video games are the team and strategic aspects. Team play is dynamic and varied, with roles constantly changing as the game state changes. Strategic play is explored in organized league games; after 6+ years of league play, strategies are still being invented and refined. The game itself has existed for over 10 years, and has a solid playerbase, including some people who have been playing for nearly as long as the game has existed. All netrek clients and servers are completely free of charge, although there are several people working on commercial netrek variants or derivatives. Netrek comes in different flavors. First, there is the standard flavor, called vanilla, or bronco netrek. Then, there are different variants like: - Paradise netrek: larger galaxy, more shiptypes, solar systems, wormholes, etc. Though the new features are attractive on first sight, they make the game less enjoyable in the long run. The interest in this variant seems to have died. - Hockey: ice-hockey like netrek variant. - Chaos: all kind of weird mods. - Sturgeon: upgrade your ship. - Dogfight/basepractice: servers especially for practicing basing with robots or holding dogfight tournaments.

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The Netrek Homepage
Includes information, software, documentation, leagues, guides, links and snapshots.
Netrek: Outpost
Compilation of instructions, links, and software.
Paradise Netrek
Paradise Netrek homepage, including links to paradise clients.
Downloads of the game on Windows, Mac, and Linux, screen shots, help files, and links.
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