Core War is a game in which programmed warriors battle for supremacy inside of a virtual computer.

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A. K. Dewdney's Scientific American Articles on Core War
HTML versions of the original articles from Scientific American in the 1980's.
A.R.E.S. - CoreWar IDE
An integrated development environment for the game.
Christoph's CoreWar Page
Links to informational pages, servers, projects, and resources.
Core War
Features information, competitions, links, events, and downloads.
Core War - King of the Hill
The official KOTH tournament.
Corewar Imp Ring
List of websites devoted to the game.
Corewar Info
Redcoders Frenzy tournament. Contains schedule, beginner's guides, benchmarks, and links.
Corewar Introduction
A lightweight portal.
CoreWar Koenigstuhl Page
A hill with several categories where every program fights every other program.
Corewar, the War of the Programmers
Home of the Corewar library, including tutorials, strategy guides, history and journals. Also contains the nano and tiny programming pages.
A forum to discuss all aspects of Core War programming.
Evolved Core Warriors
Offers links and downloads.
Genetic Algorithms to Evolve Core Warriors
Some slides about using a genetic algorithm for evolving Core Warriors.
The Imp Ring
A webring of sites related to Core War.
A King of the Hill server featuring 7 hills.
MARS - Memory Array Redcode Simulator
Java applet version 1.2b for ICWS88 by T. Kentemich and W. Zimmer.
Neo's World of Corewar
Home of the Corewar Mini Challenges.
nMars: Corewars MARS for .NET
Engine, compiler and IDE for the game.
Phil Knight's Core War
Windows NT/95/98 Core War programs and utilities.
Philip Kendall's Core War
A guide to getting started and several downloadable Core Warriors.
R.O.M.E. 68000
Some information about the R.O.M.E. 68000, a new system for Core War.
A program that evolves warriors for the game of Core War.
SourceForge: Core War
A stable and complete implementation of Core War.
Thoughts on Corewar
Reports news and developments in the game.

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