Petz is a series of computer pet games first made by PF.Magic, and currently owned by Ubi Soft Entertainment. Catz, Dogz, and Oddballz are available for Windows and Mac OS. Catz 2, Catz 3, Catz 4, Dogz 2, Dogz 3, and Dogz 4 are available for Windows 95/98. Catz 5, and Dogz 5 are available for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. Catz, and Dogz have also been released on Game Boy Color.

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A-Z Petz
Petz 3/4: Downloadable adoptions, hexed breeds, playscenes, and links.
Blessed by Angels
Includes adoptions, downloads, hints and tips, shows, and galleries.
Colorful Catz and Dogz
Includes links, adoptions, and shows.
Drunken Petz Kennelz and Cattery
Downloadable adoptions, image galleries, litters by email, shows, and links.
Friend for Life Kennels
Includes an adoption center and shows.
Heartland Shelters
Dedicated to finding homes for unwanted or abandoned petz.
Horizon Quest
Shows, adoptions, litters and a Dachshund registry.
Lucy's Pet Palace
Offers downloads, shows, and adoptions.
Obsidian Stud
Download unique petz, join the community, apply for a free cyber petz web page, and visit the horsez of Obsidian Stud.
Paint Box Kennelz and Cattery
Includes adoptions, litters, shows, contests, and links.
Perdot's Petz Adoption Centre
Kittenz, catz, puppiez and dogz, free to good homez. Includes full details and pictures. No hexed petz.
Petz Island
Adoptions, shows, services, jobs, awards, links, surprise petz, newborn page, and guardians.
Petz Kennel Club
The online registry for dogz and catz. Also approves sites to host confirmation and obedience shows. Full listing of accepted breeds and breed files available.
Rainbow Kennelz
Offers adoptions by email, shows, image galleries, and vet service.
The Second Chance Catz and Dogz Shelter
Adopt a pet or drop one off.
SIA Kennel Club
An online registry for dogz and catz. Conformation shows, breed clubs, and obedience.
Silver Moon Petz Cabaret
Breedz, litters, clothes, and adoption center.
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