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7 Deadly Sims
Provides skins, floors, walls, new and unique objects, and other add-ons based on the seven deadly sins.
Around the Sims
Offers objects, skins, meshes, walls, and floors.
Carousel of Design
Walls, floors, decor objects, and pet-themed furnishings (paintings, etc.) Specialises in original objects adapted from photographs.
Chibi Creations Sims Stuff
Wall and floor sets, mutations of Maxis skins for women, men, and children, and some original skins for women.
Destiny Sim
Skins (including zombies), roofs, wallpapers. Also some stories.
Dreaming Sims
Includes skins, heads, walls, floors, and links.
Eddy's Simz
Houses sorted by lot number (some with custom walls/floors), skins, cars, floors, walls, creation tools, tips, and cheats.
Fairywitch and Ikbod Sim
Modern and original objects in sets, walls and floors, houses, splash screens, and skins.
Flesh Dolls
Some face and body skins, walls, floors, furniture, and building objects. [Subscription required for access to some areas.]
Grand Central Sim
Offers skins, recolored objects, walls, and floors.
Herbies Simsite
Skins for women (including maternity skins), and paintings in several themes including aircraft, military, Scottish regiments, and Chicken Run.
Here Comes the Bride
A wedding collection presented by Dollar General Sims, including bridal party outfits, the church and fittings.
Modern and retro sets, skins, walls and floors, and houses.
Junchan's Sims Diary
Head and body skins (including Japanese celebrities), and richly textured walls and floors. In Japanese and English.
Juniper Sun
Pktechgirl's collection of decor, most with Asian flair. Includes artwork, walls, floors, and interior design advice.
Kyra's Sim-Dreamland
Walls, floors, objects, skins, paintings, and houses. Created by Kyra, Impish, MamaJean, and Elizabeth.
Mattie's Pictures
Walls, floors, and wall art, sorted into several subcategories by type.
Mi Casa Sims Designs
Offers wallpaper, floors, wall art (with Japanese, Chinese, and Victorian themes), and rugs.
Moni's Sims
Contains houses, skins, roofs, walls, floors and objects. Themes include the Simpsons and historical recreations.
Ophelia's Little Page
Offers objects, houses and skins in a gothic style. Tutorials for making paintings and objects.
Parsimonious Free Downloads
Free objects, walls, floors and skins.
Queer As Sims
Paintings, walls, and floors with a queer theme, and a skin from the television show Queer As Folk. Also some advice on how to make your Sims queer.
SA Country Club and Retreat
Objects, houses, walls, and skins created for the members of the Sims Addicted discussion group.
Selective Sims
Offers houses, floors, roofs, walls, objects, skins, tutorials, cheats, and guestbook.
Sim Addiction
Offers floors, walls, houses, retextured objects, and clothing skins (mostly for women).
Sim Mayhem
Recolored and decorative items, large furnished houses, and abstract walls and floors. Also includes screenshots from expansion packs, and FAQs.
The Sim Sisters
Has a theme based around a church, with artwork, nun and priest skins, and advice on where to find more church-themed objects.
Sim's Dungeon
Alternative, metal, and gothic themed skins, objects, and home coverings. Some skins come in ultra-pale skin tone. [May not work in all browsers.]
Simbelinas House of Style
Offers objects, walls, floors, plants, home designs, art gallery, message board, and links.
Offers skins, objects, walls, floors, meshes, and links.
Themed object and decor sets. Themes include holidays, garage, animal print, camouflage, rustic, and outside (with porch swings).
SIMmering Bacon
Original skins, floors, paintings, and walls, and recolored objects.
Female and male body skins, female heads, and some houses. House themes include Australian, 19th Century, and Tradewinds.
Sims & Roebuck
Offers objects, skins, walls and floors.
Sims Addiction
Recolored and decorative objects, and skins for men, women, and children.
The Sims Couturier
Clothing and furniture. Photo gallery also provided.
The Sims Downloads
Collection of the selected sims items available online, complete with appropriate links to the creators' websites.
Sims En Vogue
Heads and fashion clothing for men, women, and children, and modern wallpapers and floors.
Sims Western Wear
Clothing, houses, and objects with a western feel.
Sims World 2000
Walls, floors, and skins, including Elvis Presley.
The SimsMania by TCJ
The Cookie Jar offers original wallpapers, floors, roofs, and transmogrified objects.
Includes gruesome skins, objects, walls, and floors.
Simtury 21
Houses, walls, floors, and objects.
SIMulation Sims
Objects, skins, walls and floors, forum, news, and FAQ.
Sister's Fashion - A & M
Offers clothes for modern women.
Watts Sims Extravaganza
Body and head skins for adults and children, including toddlers, and wall/floor sets.
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