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Clans are groups of people who play the game as a team against other groups, or clans. Clans listed in this category should play more than one shooter game (i.e. Quake and Unreal, etc.).
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ADF Team
Playing America's Army and Battlefield:Vietnam. Includes photos of members, screenshots, forum, statistics and links.
Big Brass Balls
Clan from Arizona, includes image galleries.
Blood and Fire
Playing Call of Duty and Soldier of Furtune II. Offers roster, server information, forums and downloads.
Dead Presidents Clan [DP]
Forum, server list, and merchandise. Plays Americas Army, Battle Field 1942, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.
Death Knights
Participates in Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament 2004. News, members, gallery, forum, and links.
Death to All
Features Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament squads.
Elite Contract Killers
Playing America's Army and Counter-Strike:Source. Includes server statistics, forum and gallery.
Member information and downloads for a clan that plays Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, and Unreal Tournament.
Playing Call of Duty:United Offensive and Medal of Honor:Spearhead. Offers downloads, image gallery, roster and forum.
The Fellowship
Playing the Battlefield series and Tribes: Vengeance. Includes forums, fixtures and roster. Members of TWL.
Fight Company [fCo]
News, history, downloads, poll, features, statistic, matches, servers, and links. Plays Counter-Strike and Quake II Capture the Flag.
Game Community
Playing Battlefield and Counter-Strike series games. Includes news, member diaries and downloads section with videos, mods and maps.
Hell Hunters
Plays Far Cry and Tribes: Vengeance.
Home of the Thunder Hawk Elite
Playing Black Hawk Down and Joint Operations. Includes roster and forums.
Honor Squad
Participates in Delta Force, Call of Duty, and Battlefield games. Members, stories, server utilities, forums, and member roster.
Just Having Fun
Playing Call of Duty:United Offensive and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Offers roster, message boards, downloads and links.
K1ck Clan Fortress
A multi-mod clan playing Quake3 Fortress, Quake3 Arena, Wolf Enemy Territory, Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault.
Men of God
Christian clan, offering server status, forums, and downloads area.
Nova HQ
Playing Delta Force and Joint Operations. Includes downloads area with maps and utilities, this clan host their own gaming tournament.
The Rabid dogs of Hell
Includes gallery, forums and downloads area with games and utilities.
Rise of Elites
Playing Raven Sheild, Knight online and Halo. Offers forums for game discussion and recruitment.
Ruby Square
Playing Battlefield and Counter-Strike series games. Includes roster, forums, and server information.
Seniors - Desktop Warheroes
Playing multiple FPS games. Includes roster, forums and Medal of Honour maps.
Strategic Assault Specialists
playing Counter-Strike Source, Half-Life 2 and TrueCombat. Includes calendar, roster, server information and forums.
Tidy Enforcement Agency
Playing Soldier of Fortune, Battlefield:Vietnam and Counter-Strike series games. Includes roster, forums and clan news.
Multi game clan. Sub-sites for individual games including rosters and forums.
Online multigame community includes news, forums, points guide, downloads, and rosters.

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