Rogue inspired an entire genre of games collectively known as roguelikes, and many credit it as providing the foundation upon which all later screen-oriented roleplaying games were built. First distributed in 1980, Rogue and its derivates continue to attract gamers and developers alike. Players face the basic task of guiding a single character through the Dungeons of Doom in a quest to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor. Although the monsters and obstacles which inhabit the Dungeons vary by version, Rogue and its descendants favor pared-down gameplay over bewlidering and expansive options that have frequently come to characterize later roguelikes. Popular derivatives include Ultimate Rogue (URogue), Super Rogue (SRogue), and Advanced Rogue (ARogue). Developers have ported the original to a wide array of platforms; notable ports include iRogue, KRogue, and zRogue. A rarity for games of this genre, Rogue has even seen commercial distribution.

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Epyx Rogue Instruction Manual
Complete reproduction of original documentation for the IBM PC and PCjr.
Google Groups -
Threaded archive of Usenet posts. (Discontinued November 1986)
Google Groups -
Threaded archive of Usenet posts. (Discontinued September 1994)
Palm OS synthesis of Rogue 5.3 and URogue. Changelog, tips, source and executable files, and build instructions.
Linuxrogue ported to OCaml. Documentation and source.
MobyGames - Rogue: The Adventure Game
Production notes, cover art, screenshots, and ad blurbs for Epyx MS-DOS release.
Windows CE port of Rogue 5.3. Screenshots, source and executable files, related links.
Rog-O-Matic - A Belligerent Expert System
Presents features, architecture, and performance relative to human players. (May 16, 1984)
Rogue Buffer Overflow
Identifies security flaw in save routine and offers an unofficial patch.
Rogue Clone IV
Formerly known as DOS Rogue Clone. Source and executables for DOS and Windows.
Rogue Darwin
Basic port to OS X. Source and executable available.
Rogue for Windows
Recompilation of DOS Rogue 5.3-clone. Overview, executable, and links.
Decrypts and output scorefile for rogue985. Overview and source.
Tril's Rogue Stuff
Linux patch to rogue985 sources and DOS executable.
World of Spectrum - Rogue
Coverage of ZX Spectrum version. Executable files, screenshots, and related information.
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