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Abalathes - The Dark Warlock
A blog about the ongoing adventures of a warlock in the "World of Warcraft" in which the protagonist always tends to have his own interpretation of the events.
Blinging WoW
Discusses professions and gold making strategies. Offers information on how to use addons and other tips for world of warcraft.
Diary of an (Ex?) WoW Addict
A World of Warcraft addict unable to play her favorite game. To pass the time till the eventual return to Azeroth, things relating to WoW, Mages, gaming, and random geekry are discussed.
Dragon Whimsy
A role-player's blog for World of Warcraft containing character journals, articles on role-playing, and how the game can effect real life.
Kharin's Quest
A personal review of all aspects of playing WOW, including the WOW world, questing, leveling, achievements, and instances.
L2P World of Warcraft
An introduction to World of Warcraft and commentary for the veteran players. (in blog format)
Marama's WoW Corner
Random thoughts and helpful hints for life in the World of Warcraft.
Master of Warcraft
Focuses on gold making and leveling.
The Squirrel's Den
A portal to intelligent discussion of games, learning and life.
Thalassian Language
A blog about the Thalassian language's research from World of Warcraft. The research is about the language from the lore, the one that the non-player-characters (NPCs) talk in, not the language that's interpretated to the other players when one writes something in Thalassian.
World of Dwarfcraft: Warcraft
A personal blog giving opinions, reviews, stories, art, jokes and polls about World of Warcraft, and other stuff.
World of Warcraft Corner
What's new (and sometimes not so new) in the World of Warcraft.
World of Warcraft Tips and Tricks
Site dedicated to World of Warcraft. Contains tips, tricks, and guides for various aspects of World of Warcraft.
World of Warcraft Videos
A collection of instructional and funny videos for World of Warcraft lovers.
WoW Videos
Personal collection of world of warcraft videos maintained by fan from Izhevsk.
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