Gemstone IV is a vast world of complicated mechanics. The mechanics and involved equations are complicated even for Gemstone savvy users to understand, making guides and help files wonderful tools for enjoying Elanthia. There are guides available for almost every part of Gemstone IV, from specific profession guides, to verb lists, to weapons and armor information. There is even information on the legal systems and fines! Browse the numerous web pages to find what is needed.

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The Abandoned Inn's Magic Crystal
Ceranis' Guide to the magical properties and uses of the crystal of the Abandoned Inn.
Angtamin's Boutique
Contains several historical documents plus information on combat statistics and the Arkati.
Council of Light
Includes answers to questions, signs, and travel information.
GemStone III Dueling
Dedicated to the controversial art of dueling in Elanthia. Includes logs of past duels, dueling etiquette, index of terms, and a forum.
Goldbadz's Tower
Features information on professions, spells and miscellaneous guides.
Kaivatia's Keep
Features various guides and resources, including statistical information about game play.
Lady BloodSnake's guide to Imbedding
Detailed description and tutorial on imbedding items.
Lady Breannaa's Guides
Specifics on statistics, cultural lineage, and in-game acronyms as well as profession guides.
Lord Mishrak's Elanthian Fortress
Resources include dualing and profession guides, Voln information, crits, spells, Ta'Vaalor, and a bestiary.
Lord Recoil's Nexus
Features guides, maps, verbs, scripts, spells, and information about the character Lord Recoil.
Netwiz & Lorrainna's Home
Features several sorcerer and rogue profession guides as well as character profiles.
Reallia's Roleplaying Ramblings
Information on roleplaying in Elanthia. Includes guides and player profiles.
Rosman's Gemstone III
Features basic background information and a rogue and warrior guide.
Tyego's Riverside
Guides on the Council of Light, River's Rest, and a hero and heroine pronunciation guide. Also includes a wizard profession guide.
Walker's Dominion
Information on classes, races, maps, gods and resources.
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