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The Mandate of Heaven is the sixth part of the venerable Might and Magic series which itself is one of the three big old franchises of computer roleplaying. Might and Magic VI was released in 1998 on the PC for Windows 95 and 98. After three parts with the same engine, M&M VI introduced a new one that, although not even up to date upon release, used nearly real 3D and suited the game well. Who could know that this new game engine should be used for three parts of M&M as well. The Mandate of Heaven is by far the best rated game in the series. Featuring a HUGE quest with lots of monsters, dungeons and skills and a new engine enhancing the gameplay, M&M VI became another big success for New World Computing.

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Bones' Combat Guide
Offers detailed insight in game's combat system. Includes weapon, spell and monster statistics, links and downloads.
The Computer Show - Hints
Offers spell help, potion list and FAQs.
The Computer Show - Walkthrough
Lists quests by difficulty and describes them.
Magic Grounds
Features screen shots, region and dungeon maps, shrine and trainer locations, travel schedule, various lists, experience calculator and links.
Mandate Mania
Offers town maps, starter guides, gameplay hints and tactics, travel schedule, many lists, quest descriptions, FAQs and bug list.
Redneck's Tavern
Contains message board.
The Spoiler Centre
Walkthrough by Mike Marcelais and J. Pike. Includes maps of regions and dungeons, and statistics.
Universal Hint System
Contains gradual hints presented in question and answer format.
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