Final Fantasy IX is a role-playing game for the Sony PlayStation released in 2000 in Japan and America, and in 2001 in Europe. It was made by Squaresoft.
The story begins on the Mist Continent in the Kingdom of Alexandria. The puckish Zidane, a member of a rogue group and theater troupe called Tantalus, reviews the group's plan to capture Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII from an upcoming festival. Meanwhile, the young black mage, Vivi, wants to see a popular romance play (I Want To Be Your Canary), but his ticket turns out to be a fake. With some help from street rat Puck (who's literally a rat), he sneaks into the show. During the performance, Zidane and company attempt to make off with Garnet, rousing the ire of royal bodyguard Adelbert Steiner. Steiner tries to protect Garnet from Zidane's kidnapping and womanising ways, but to no avail. That's because Garnet actually wants to be kidnapped. After all, her mother, the once-peaceful Queen Brahne, has been attacking neighbouring kingdoms with her army of black mages. Perhaps the answers Garnet seeks lie outside the walls of Alexandria...

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