Very silly game. Using a simple web interface, fight monsters, quest for items, and experiment with combining objects into more powerful items. Optionally join clans, fight other players, or profiteer on the black market. A set of turns is given out once a day, though extras can be earned. Monster and item descriptions are full of bad puns, cultural references, and in-jokes about other well-known games.If you've ever wanted to wander around a crudely drawn map with a sword in one hand and a martini glass in the other, this may be the game for you. Game is free to play, but those who make a PayPal donation get a special useful item.

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Forums of Loathing
Official discussion forum for Kingdom of Loathing. Announcements, game mechanics, player-run art and poetry contests, clan recruitment, and new player help.
History of Loathing
Sequence of major events and stages in the game's development, reminiscences from old-time players, history of major clans, museum of discontinued items, and details of the activities and alleged motivations of the Penguin Mafia.
An Icon is You!
KoL-themed Javascript icon generator. Select a face, body, hair, weapon, and beverage from the game's stick-figure artwork.
The Kingdom of Loathing
The official site. The place to login/ register and begin playing.
The KoL Wiki
Community-built wiki covering hints, recipes and information about many aspects of the game, including its history and creators. Radio KoL
Charts of tracks and artists subscribed players listen to. Includes discussion forum and a member list.
Reddit: KOL
KOL player forum.
Sored and Saucery
LiveJournal discussion community for Kingdom of Loathing players.
Twitter: Asymmetric Pub. LLC
Twitter account for the people who work on KOL.
Wandering Goblin - Kingdom of Loathing Interview
Joshua Knight, co-creator of the browser-based MMO, Kingdom of Loathing at Comic-Con 08.
Kingdom of Loathing: An Interview with Jick
The game's creator talks about how it got started, and his co-creator Josh. (July 09, 2004)
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