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Arcane Journeys
Provides a variety of turn-based fantasy and science fiction RPGs.
Blood Arena
A game of combat and battle between humans, orcs, elves and other mythological creatures. Build up your guild and fight against others in your quest for supremacy.
Call of the Kings
Fantasy multiplayer strategy game with battle, and magic.
Carnage Blender
Make a character and battle against other players. There are many different skills and hundreds of different possible builds. Free multiplayer strategy RPG.
The Castle Beware
A text-based fantasy world RPG with both medieval and modern themes.
Castle Marrach
Roleplaying game set in an isolated castle. Players start as a newly awakened castle guest.
Crimson Moon
In this free vampire versus werewolf text based role playing game, write your own history in the world of Melania.
Darkness Falls
A free to play browser game of vampires, witches, shapeshifters and the occult.
Continually evolving fantasy RPG, with adventures, championships and epic fights. It's speciality is a built-in quiz system.
Dragon's Kingdom
A knight and dragon game. Offers a demo.
Dungeon Blitz
Free to play, battle monsters, find treasures, play with friends or alone.
Eternal Duel
Offers a free web-based RPG where players of six different races fight for complete control over an ancient, medieval world.
Fallen Sword
Adventure game with a multi-user dungeon feel. Slice your way through dungeons.
Hack-and-slash mmorpg. Choose your class and start completing the hundreds of quests.
Goma Island
Explore this mysterious island, wage through perilous dungeons and even grow your own creatures. You can fight fellow players, go on quests and much more.
Jubal Online
Hosts a specialized directory of SF/Fantasy sites, online games, in addition to its own line of web-based, clientless strategy and roleplaying games.
Lands of Illithia
Angels and Demons locked in an Eternal Struggle for dominion over Illithia. Will you tip the balance?
The Larkinor Quest
Takes place in a fictitious world, on a little island. Quests, battles and trades. The point of the game is to explore the world.
Legend: Legacy of the Dragons
In the fantasy world of Faeo, where two races battle Chaos and each other there are more than 160 quests and additional instance dungeons.
Legends of Renown Deeds
Fantasy role-playing game of gladiatorial combat.
Lords of Legend
Free Fantasy RPG turn-based war game where you compete against thousands of online players.
Mythic Reign
A free online fantasy text based roleplaying game.
Mythic Warfare
Extremely challenging adventure game, death lurks at every turn, do you have what it takes?
Nimian Legends
Free RPG adventure. Explore the beautiful & mysterious world of Nimian Legends and discover its secrets.
Not The Norm City
Roleplay where all sorts of characters are welcome. From vampires, werewolves, to shapeshifters, immortals, and time travelers.The abnormal run to an island that has a city just for them.
Path to Pelantas
Text-based fantasy browser game with role playing and management elements.
Race Conflicts
Neverending MMORPG. Fight, build or explore in an always growing fictional universe.
RPG Reborn
Explore a massive online world, fight monsters, complete quests and learn skills to develop your character.
Sacred Knights
Free to play medieval / fantasy text based browser role playing game. Become a strong knight through quests & warfare with the help of your friends.
School of Dragons
MMO RPG game based on Dreamworks film How to Train Your Dragon.
A web browser based roleplaying game where you can explore the island of Shartak, hunt animals and interact with other players.
Soul Quest RPG
A free to play text based RPG,
Torn City
A game with over 50 types of weapons and armor and hundreds of items, where players fight it out using team-play and strategies to beat their enemies.
Vampire Genesis
Free vampire RPG. Hunt humans and delve into magic to become the greatest.
Walk My Plank
Get thrown in the deep Caribbean and climb the pirate ranks. Explore the seas and hunt for buried treasures.
We're At War
Create a character and build up its stats by going to the gym, completing quests and battling other online players.
World of Kallen
Choose your race and class and start your adventure with quests and the search for special objects
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