The board game of Mornington Crescent is based on the London Underground tube map. It was widely popularized in the 1970s on a British radio program called "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue". It is played worldwide, and there are many variants based on local geography, local customs, or indeed anything that attracts the fancy of the players. It is well-suited for play on the web and there are several popular servers.

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Encyclopaedia Morningtonia
A Wiki project to document the history, rules, variants and prominent players of MC. Free registration required to contribute.
Interactive game server with general discussion, MC and poetry games.
Mornington Crescent
Outlines the history of the game, and has a game simulation applet with a scaled-down version of the London Underground.
Mornington Crescent
Wikipedia article about the game, its background, rules, variants and trivia.
The Mornington Crescent Appreciation Society
Rules of conduct, house rules and a discussion of the game.
Mornington Crescent at Metta
A one-person game simulator with a pull-down menu of stations.
Mornington Crescent in Outer Space
Interactive game server. Active and archived games, and a league table.
Mornington Crescent Variations
Details of the variations of Mornington Crescent played on the radio show I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
The Mrs Trellis Official website
Dedicated to the work of Mrs Ivy Trellis, including news, official appearances and games.
Orange Mornington Crescent
Dunx presents a history of MC on the web, and photographic records of pilgrimages to the tube station. Also the home of the Orange MC server.
White Rose MC
Archives of the old game servers at York and Madeira, including some 900 archived games, player profiles and the original Encyclopaedia Morningtonia.
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