It's-a me, Mario! From Donkey Kong to Mario Bros. to Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 64 to... well, a lot of things. If it concerns the mightiest plumber the world has ever known, you'll find it here.

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The Mushroom Kingdom
Downloads and information. Covers all Mario games and cameos, offers tips, and features the Mariopedia.
Absolute Mario
Images and screenshots from various Mario games and home of the Mario Game Graphics Webring.
Offers gameplay movies and trailers.
The Luigi Awareness Society
Dedicated Luigi. Includes pictures, information, and chat.
Mario Monsters
Collection of data on the enemies that Mario and Luigi face in their adventures. Includes sample monster, monster archives, and gender equality sections.
Mario Mayhem
Fan site with wallpapers, comics, game information, news, Hall of Fame, multimedia files, contests, quotes, parodies, and forums.
The Mushroom Kingdom
Offers pictures, music, fan art, fan fiction, desktop themes, and links.
The Quest for the Fastest Mario Time
An essay on the strategies, background, theories for Super Mario Brothers 1.
Super Mario 128 Central
Covers reviews on current generation Mario games.
Super Mario Bros Artworks
Super Mario Bros art created by fans.
Super Mario Bros Video Walkthrough
Super Mario Bros game walk through and secrets with videos, articles and screen shots.
Super Mario Bros. Headquarters
Reviews, polls, cartoons, guides, lists, and information.
Super Paper Mario Fan Game
Fan-produced flash recreation of Super Mario the original game, complete with Mario's hammer for squishing enemies.
Browser based games which are Super Mario Bros. themed and fan created. Site also features music, themes, backgrounds, and downloads.
Polls, reviews, media, information and TV episodes.
Toad's Castle
Including guides, fan art, fan fiction, reviews, comics, trivia, and forums.
Wikipedia - Mario
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the fictional character in his eponymous video game series. Includes his creation, appearances, characteristics, abilities and legacy.
Features fan art, pictures, animated GIFs, and videos. Includes a forum and wallpaper section.
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