For composers of game music. This category consists of sites of individuals, companies, or studios who exclusively write music for video games and of internal links to composers listed in Arts: Music: Composition: Composers.

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Adeline Studios
Recording and Production house serving the Entertainment, Gaming, Advertising and Music industries. Offers music composition, creative direction and production, mastering and DVD solutions.
Andy Brick
Home page of Andy Brick: Composer, Conductor, and Symphonist.
Barry Leitch
Archive of MODS, XM Files, mp3s of music from games.
Bill Brown
Composer - Includes music samples in MP3 and Real Audio from Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Clive Barker's UNDYING, Quake III, and films.
Bob & Barn Ltd.
A UK based Sound Production Company specialising in video games since 1990 providing composition, sound design and audio consulting.
Bobby Prince Music
Creator of music and sound effects for Wolfenstein 3-D, Doom, Duke Nukem 3-D, and DemonStar.
Byte-Size Sound Inc.
Resume, references and sound files for company that works with sound effects.
Carey James Music
Composer for game, film, and theater. Website includes sample mp3s, resume and credits, including: Mechwarrior II Battlepack, Civilization: Call To Power, Shanghai: Second Dynasty, Xmen: Mutant Academy, Battlezone II.
The official website of composer Robert Casady. Contains music samples from games, film and video projects.
Chris Huelsbeck's Website
Creator of music for over 70 software titles including Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Offers samples, FAQ, and references.
Chris Hurn
A film and game composer living in Wellington, New Zealand. Features credits and music demos.
Clockwork Productions
Composes original musical soundtracks for all forms of visual mediums.
Decker, Duane
Information on Duane Decker's career, studio and music samples from his most popular scores.
Douglas Polhamus
Composer of music for film and video games. Includes audio and video clips, news and credits.
Eric's Gamemusic
Freelance Game music composer
The Fat Man
Independent composing house for music for games. Some sound files, mostly short MP3 clips.
Fireheart Music / Jeffrey Michael
Fireheart Music specializes in great original music for film, TV and video games. It is run by composer Jeffrey Michael.
Gellrich, Torsten
Composer specialized in scoring computer games. Information, projects and downloads. [German/English]
Groovy Audio
Expertise in audio for handheld platforms (GBA, Mobile, PPC/PDA) as well as console and PC.
Harry Mack's Video Game Music
Contractor available for work. Download samples of Harry Mack's Video Games Music
James Hannigan, Composer
The homepage of the composer of film, television and games music.
Jesper Kyd Productions
Music for games, films and TV. Games projects include MDK2 and MDK2 Armageddon, Messiah, Hitman Codename 47, and Soldier.
Kevin Manthei Music Productions
Official site of Kevin Manthei, composer of original music for film, television and games. Kevin has worked with top names in the industry. Full credit list, industry quotes and MP3 examples including live orchestral music.
Mark Knight (aka madfiddler)
Electric violinist on the UK folk roots scene. Band member, session musician and composer of computer/video game music for Bullfrog/Electronic Arts Europe. Based in Brighton, United Kingdom.
McMillan, Charlotte
Music featured in such games as Advent Rising.
Images, information, story and composers.
Michael Huang - Film Noise
Post production audio for video games, television and film.
Homepage of the video game music composer and arranger Atsushi Fukai.
The Music of Sam Hulick
Home page for Sam Hulick, composer of soundtracks for games and other entertainment related media.
Original music, sound design and audio post production services for entertainment software.
My MIDI Compositions
Features video game and modern classical original MIDI compositions for personal listening and download. Songs include character pieces, RPG music, and symphonic arrangements.
(Unofficial) Fan page dedicated to Squaresoft music composer Nobuo Uematsu. Offers midis and MP3s.
Octagon Music Productions
Music and Sound design for all computer games. Credits include Colin McRae Rally 1-5, Toca Touring Cars and LMA 2003.
The Official Sonic Mayhem Website
Makers of soundtracks, for instance for Quake 3.
OneUp Studios
Commercial company providing officially-licensed arrangement albums
Orchestral Media Developments
Cinematic orchestral music for video games.
Pelfrey, Danny
Composer and multi-instrumentalist. Includes biography, credits, reviews, and samples.
Rickwood Music for Media
Original music composition studio for video games, multimedia projects, and other media.
Rime Chris
Photos, biography and discography.
Ron Jones Productions
Award-winning Composer. Credits include orchestral scores for Interplay's Star Trek: Star Fleet Command and Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy, one of the earliest games to feature a live orchestral soundtrack.
Runtime Sound
Providing original music and sound effects for games and other media, specializing in the combination of acoustic and synthesized instruments.
Ryerson Sound Solutions
Dedicated to producing professional quality music, sound effects, and voice-overs to the computer game industry.
Siebold, Markus - Remembering the past
The composer of the Commodore C64 Turrican II music.
Sonic Alchemy
Music composition and sound design for films, television, video and games by Greg Conway. Offers Mp3 downloads, project listing and work description.
Sonic Farms
Offering original music composition and sound effects for games, film, and multimedia applications. Provides MP3 demos.
Sound Design Group
Services, sound samples and reviews of their work.
Sound For Games Interactive
Sound design and interactive music production.
Delivers custom sound effects and music soundtracks for multimedia games and portable devices.
Spiresound Audio Productions
Music composition for all computer platforms and consoles. Specializes in Nintendo Gameboy Advance composition. Also movie soundtracks, from orchestral to electronic music.
synSONIQ Records
A label producing and publishing high quality game soundtracks, especially those from Chris Hülsbeck.
Tanner Helland Music
CC-licensed video game soundtracks in MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and MIDI formats.
Tequila Sunrise Music
Professional composition for video games, film/TV and corporate. Creative, versatile and dependable. Tequila Sunrise Music
Todd Kinsley
Sound designer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, song writer, audio engineer. Working in video games, TV, films, multimedia, and advertising.
Undathec Studios
Offering music composition for all genres, sound design and voice over for videogames, films, multimedia and record productions.
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