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A clan is a group of gamers bound together for a common cause to help establish a community for mutual protection or for greater glory. Clans will sometimes have their own online gaming servers and are often involved in battles with other groups. These confrontations are referred to as "clan wars". This category contains clan resources and clans across many genres including shooter, RPG and strategy.

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After Life
A community for the Call of Duty series, Team Fortress 2 and Company of Heroes. Offers servers and a forum.
The Bloodz Clan
Plays mostly online flash games similar to Pawngame or Armored Legion. Offers a forum and chat.
Clan 30+
Plays Team Fortress, Quake III Fortress, Counter-Strike, Urban Terror, NASCAR Racing, Ghost Recon, and Battlefield: 1942.
Plays Star Trek: Legacy, Star Trek: Elite Force 2 and Battlefield. Offers news and forums.
Electronic Gamers
Plays Call of Duty 4 and Company of Heroes. Offers results and forums.
Exodus Gamers
Offers links, forums, ressources and stats.
Extreme Gaming Clan
Plays Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Quake 4, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty and Ogame. Offers news and a forum.
Home of the clan mousesports and portal for eSports with news, articles, coverages, interviews, bulletin board, community, videos, photos, shop, replays/demos, scoreboard, and betting system.
Clan playing Starcraft, Brood War, Diablo II, Warcraft III and Counter-Strike. Site offers, recruitment information, news, frequently asked questions, roster and information on tournaments.
SameTeem Gaming
A multi-gaming community that plays Arma, Counterstrike, Starcraft and Minecraft.
Smurfs of war gaming clan
A gaming clan that plays a range of online games like Battlefield or Trackmania.
Team Dignitas
Plays Call of Duty 4, Command and Conquer, World in Conflict and Counterstrike. The clan participates in the ESL Pro Series.
UK Game Players
Gaming Community for Call of Duty, Trackmania, COD5, Battlefield Heroes. Contains News, Server information and statistics and forums.
Features Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and Day of Defeat. Offers game servers.
XPD8 Headquarters
A gaming review site and a multigaming clan. Offers cheats, hints and industry news.

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