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Companies that create and publish video games.
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Alien Pig Productions
Devoted to bringing consumers the best possible entertainment and games on the web.
Anarchy Enterprises
Developer of Deep Sea Tycoon and Moon Tycoon. Offers beta test opportunities and game information.
Atomic Orange Productions
Multimedia art and content development for children. Contains company background, service listings, and contact information.
Awem Studio
Developers of games such as Battleman and PacBoy.
Makers of Combat Mission.
Bifrost Productions
Offers game programming and web design.
BigWorld Technology
Australian computer games developer. Includes 3D client, advanced load-balancing server and world building tools.
Blissware Entertainment
A German game development company.
Blitz Games Studios
An independent console game developer based in the UK. Titles include Karaoke Revolution American Idol (Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii), Spongebob and Bratz games (PS2 & Wii), BK Games (Xbox 360), Frogger 2 (PSX), Glover (N64).
Bloodlust Software
Makers of humorous old-style DOS games.
Blue Planet Software
Computer and video game developer. Sole agent of the Tetris brand.
Bulldog Interactive
Developer of CueClub.
Carbine Studios
Developers of the MMO WildStar. Lists open jobs and describes their games.
Cascoly Software
Producers of strategy, trivia, and puzzle games.
Cauldron HQ
European game developer responsible for titles such as Quadrax, Spellcross, and Battle Isle 4.
Chris' Comics and CPU
Small company developing its own brand of computer games.
CITY Interactive
Developer and Publisher of such titles as Project Freedom, WWII: Pacific Heroes, and Wings of Honour; based in Warsaw, Poland. Offers game descriptions and screen shots, news, and company profile.
Clickteam S.A.R.L.
Developer of Klik and Play, The Games Factory, and IMSI Multimedia Fusion.
Coastal Amusements
Manufacturers of coin operated redemption and sports games for the family amusement centers.
Developers of Enclave.
Contested Ground Studios
Scottish roleplaying game developers. Home of a/state RPG. Discussion forums, game information, concept art, downloads and wallpaper.
Contraband Entertainment, Inc.
Develops games for console platforms.
Coresoft Inc.
Develops for Sony Playstation, Sega, PC, and WAP.
Crash: New Generation feature
An article on New Generation Software from Crash, June 1984.
Creative Reality Media, Inc
Developers of the Martian Gothic game. Company information, news and affiliates.
A game developing firm in India which creates games in multiple platforms (DirectX, Flash, J2ME, Director, OpenGL).
Information about their games for Windows and Palm Pilot.
Devor Entertainment
A computer and console game development company located in Houston, TX. Offers game information, downloads, and screenshots.
Digital Dialect
Video game development company which develops new game titles, translates existing games between platforms and licenses 3D game development tools.
Dis Software
Finland based console and PC game developer. Offers project information and downloads.
The Dragons Den
Develops free games with Multimedia Fusion.
Expotato Co.,Ltd.
Arcade and console game developer.
Firefly Studios
Developer of such titles as Stronghold and Space Colony.
First Star Software, Inc.
Publishers of Boulder Dash and the Spy vs. Spy series.
Fluid Games
Contains company information, demos, and products.
Freeway Games
The developer of windows freeware games including UBoat, Hamster Bash, and Colonia.
Frontier Developments
Developers of games such as Infestation and Elite.
Fun Labs
Romanian developer of Broken Balance.
G5 Software
Developers of Red Shark, Galaxy, and games for mobile devices.
Gabriel Interactive
Contains news, game details, and job information.
Game On
Developer of family computer games such as Billionaire and Carl's Classics [English, Svenska].
Gameworld Seven Ltd.
Contains company information, work to date, and news.
Ganymede Technologies
Developer for multiplayer online games sites.
Gifted Minds
Makers of Adventure Maker. Includes help, tutorials, FAQ, free demos, schemes, screenshots and related links.
GLIPS Entertainment, Inc.
Independent developer of PC games and screensavers for Windows.
Graphic State
Developer of Star X, Dark Arena, and Zcube for GameBoy Advance. Offers information on their projects, press releases, and a selection Flash games.
Green Ice
A software company that makes computer games. Site also competitions, newsletters, tutorials, and other products.
Hamumu Software
Developer of action and arcade style games for the Windows platform. Site offers commercial, shareware, and free games.
Heavy Iron Studios
Developer and publisher of a variety of video games including The Incredibles, Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie The Videogame, Scooby-Doo!, Ratatouille, and Wall-E.
Heuristic Park, Inc.
Game development and graphic production studios
Hollis Research
Hollis Research designs state-of-the-art videogames, invents and patents original hardware and software technology and provides innovative design expertise to major corporate clients.
Developers of Super Stardust, Elfmania, Alien Incident, and The Reap.
I-Imagine Interactive
Developers of Chase - Hollywood Stunt Driver.
Infinity Ltd
Developers of Pac Man - The Next Generation and Tic-Tac-Toe 3000.
Int13 Production
French publisher of games for handheld platforms including Pocket PC and Sharp Zaurus. Includes product details, free downloads, FAQs and developer profiles.
Isotope244 Graphics LLC
Advanced 3d screen savers and games.
Isotoxin Industries
Slovak game developers.
Jagex Games Studio
Developers of RuneScape and FunOrb. Parents' guide, corporate information, current vacancies, press releases and contact details.
Jason - Projects/Games
Offers DOS video games, graphic effects, physics simulations, and other projects by Jason Doucette.
JungleVision Software
Publisher of PC multiplayer games.
Kaliko Entertainment
Developer of games for various platforms including Amiga, PocketPC, Smartphones and Windows. Contains games and company information.
Developer of multi-player online strategy games including Metal Knights and Star Knights.
KraiSoft Entertainment
Developer of arcade computer games, screensavers, internet games and other PC software.
Kuju Entertainment Ltd
One of the largest independent games developers in Europe.
The Learning Company
Information on the company.
Lizard Soft Programming
Developer of Turkey Shoot and FaxMachine.
Lucky Rabbit Games
Develops freeware games.
Malfador Machinations
Creators of Space Empires I - IV, an epic space strategy game.
Massive Entertainment
Develops interactive games for PCs and mobile communication devices.
Developer of Deluxe Ski Jump.
Developer of value-priced video games. The makers of "Snap-on Gearhead Garage".
Metro Graphics
Developers of Britney's Dance Beat.
Monkey JAVA Studio
Multimedia design studio serving video game developers. Character design, concept art, storyboarding, game art and animation.
Developer of Starscape for the PC. Includes message board, reviews and store.
A multimedia software company with a focus on children.
Neutron Star Productions
Make 1st person shooters for Windows 95/98, and levels for Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith.
New Breed Software
Publishes free software for UNIX, X-Window, the World Wide Web, and Atari 8-bit computers. Located in Davis, California.
NTN Communications
Publishers of QB1, and trivia games.
Ominous Development
Developer of Onyx Star.
OmletteSoft, Home Of Omlette
Lord Omlette's personal homepage.
On-Line Entertainment
Publishers of Automayhem, Art of Kings, and Iron Wolves.
Oquirrh Productions
Developers of hunting, shooting and conservation games.
Outsource Media
Offers computer games voice production in the UK, US. Services include casting, recording, post production, game developer services, and support.
Palestar Development
[PC] Developers of Deep Space, and the Medusa engine, a C++ library used for game development.
Paradox Interactive AB
Contains company information and game demo downloads.
Paranoid Productions
Developers of Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis and Damage Incorporated.
PictureHouse Software
Developer of PlayStation games.
PixelStorm Inc.
Developer and contractor for various game systems including Java, handheld, arcade, and other major game systems. Includes game list.
Playstos Entertainment
Developer of Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy for console and computer platforms. Includes press releases, news, profile, studios, and scripts.
Ratloop is a developer for the PC. Sample art, job opportunities, and company information.
Realore Studios
Develops and publishes shareware games. Offers game information and downloads.
Makes 8-bit remakes and original games with a retro theme and feel. Contains news, FAQ, forum, and game downloads.
Running With Scissors
Entertainment products for mature audiences only.
SCS Software
Independent developer of Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 and Shark! Hunting the Great White.
Shin'en Multimedia
Developer of such titles as the Iridion series and Maya the Bee. Game information, Game Boy Advance sound utilities, and company information.
Shrapnel Games
Publisher of 101st Airborne in Normandy.
Slitherine Software
Creators of Tyrannosaurus Tex for the Game Boy Color.
Developer of PC card games such as poker and solitaire.
SoftSpot Software
Developer of intellectual word games and puzzles. Titles include Letter Rack and What's Up.
Soleau Software
Developer of family friendly non-violent strategy logic games for both Windows and Macintosh computers.
Spark Unlimited
Developer of Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Legendary.
Starbreeze Studios AB
Developers of Enclave.
Sucker Punch Productions
Creators and developers of the Sly Cooper series of games and the inFamous franchise, a next generation super hero action-adventure, for PLAYSTATION 3.
Tale of Tales
Creating emotionally rich art for computer interactive entertainment. A video games development studio run by Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn. Belgium.
Develops arcade games for the PC.
Tibo Software
Developer of action and puzzle PC shareware. Titles include Jigs@w Puzzle, Rolling Marbles, and Bad Toys 3D.
Toejam and Earl Productions
Developers of the Toejam and Earl Series.
Torus Games
Developers of Max Steel and Hello Kitty.
A multi-platform software developer with a focus on action and action-sports games. Contains company and game information.
Developer of 3D game engines. Offers screenshots, downloads, and forums.
Virtual Programming
Developers of Mac and iPhone games and applications. Titles available, discussion forum, and support.
Webfoot Technologies
Developer of Super Huey III, 3D Cube Hopper, and 3D Galactic Invasion.
Windward Studios
Developer of games such as Enemy Nations and Galaxis.
World of PlayStation
Sony Computer Entertainment America distributes and markets the PlayStation game console in North America, develops and publishes software for the PlayStation game console, and manages the U.S. third party licensing program.
Wounded Badger Interactive
Developer of Axis and Allies: Iron Blitz, Septerra Core, and Monopoly for the NUON platform. Provides company news, history and information.
Yager Development GmbH
Describes development of aerial 3D combat/action game, with news, team profiles, and contact information.

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