Contains for sites devoted to groups which produce games which are non-commercial or as yet un-sold to a major publisher.
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Creator and publisher of high quality shareware, casual and budget PC and Mac games. Specialist in games for whole family.
Adrastea GmbH & Co. KG.
Developer of PC and mobile games. Includes free downloads.
Amiche Interactive
Amateur game developer working on a product called Rampage.
Authors of games for casual players, women and kids. Addictive gameplay, great graphics and entertaining music are strongest points of their games.
Arbeitskreis Spielkultur
Game making group. [English/German]
Avalon Mist Software
Freeware games and applications made mainly with Multimedia Fusion.
Blitwise Productions
Old school Commodore 64 and Amiga developer. Works include Dx-Ball and Schorched Tanks.
Cascade Gaming Software Production
Includes news and project information.
Cellar Door Games
Developers of Rogue Legacy. Contains a blog, how to buy their games, and their social media links.
Codename Entertainment
Indie game studio. Crusaders of the Lost Idols, Bush Whacker 2, Egg Breaker Adventures and others in development. Victoria, BC, Canada.
Coolsoft Games
Offers shareware and freeware games such as Nitemare Fight, Star Force: Alpha, and Air Hockey.
Cosmic Soldier Studios
Developers of PC and web based games, including Ninja Wars. Contains contact and game information.
Dark Sun Productions Software Development
Offers custom programming services and downloads of shareware puzzle and board games. Also includes freeware puzzle, Texas Instruments, and fan Chrono Trigger games.
Dizzy Soft
Developer of Quake like games using DJGPP. Titles include Toasted Alien and Star Surf.
Independent game studio that created such titles as Flight of the Kelvins, Cirque Du Noir, and Itinium Squared.
DragonShadow Industries
Developer of Decaying Orbit for Net Yaroze and Chomp Tournament Edition for NUON. Offers game information, downloads, and latest news.
Fractile Games
Developer focusing on action shooter games for Linux and Windows platforms.
Frogwares Games
Independent development studio, best known for its Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series.
An online game development community and resource center, keeping independent and professional developers connected to their peers, the industry and cutting edge information, tools and code.
Gate 5 Creations
Creators of Swarm Assault and Swarm Rampage.
Hermit Games
Download free games including Super Mario Pac for PC, Roller for PSX, and Sheeperoids for Game Boy Advance.
Identical Software
Developers of Troll Bridge and Yaroid.
Jagged Blade Software
Creators of Xeno Assault and Arch Wing.
Jeron Studios Home Page
Shareware games!, Libraries with game objects! Created right here!
Joustra Software
Creator or educational games number games. Contains trial downloads and purchasing.
Karma Labs
Developer of adventure games for Macintosh and PC, including Adventure at the Chateau d'Or.
Maid Marian
A developer of browser-based, multiplayer games.
Midnight Synergy Homepage
Developers of classic-style 2D games such as Intensity XS and Operation: Carnage. Offers demos, game information, and forum.
MindSoft Productions
Includes company information, downloads, and screenshots.
Developer of shareware and freeware games for Windows, such as PixelShips, Super Minesweeper, and Retro Wizard.
Pozirk Games
Independent developer of online, mobile, PC and Mac games.
Quality Simulations
Creates and promotes realistic simulations for aviation, sailing, and space.
Rainbow Creatures
A small indie creator of friendly and funny games
Rake in Grass
Independent game creator of original action and strategy games. Creator of Jets'n'Guns, Undercroft, Troll, Styrateg and other PC games.
Renegade Gods
German developers. Includes employment opportunities, news, and contact information. Available in German and English.
Stinky Gerbil Games
Contains downloads of games written by Riley Holmes, including puzzle and action games.
TameStorm Games
Developers of shareware games.
Trenna games Inc.
Includes free video game demos.
Develops shareware games. Includes free downloadable demos.
When the Cows Come Home
Platform game in a Pacman style. Includes forum and store.
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