Lurking Horror (1987), an interactive horror by Dave Lebling.

As described on the box:

Ever since you arrived at G.U.E. Tech, you've heard stories about the creepy old campus basements and storage rooms, some so ancient that they contain only rotting piles of unidentifiable junk. Until now, you have never ventured lower than the ground floors of the monolithic classroom and dorm buildings, avoiding the warren of tunnels that connect them.

But tonight, something draws you down into the mysterious depths of the institute. Perhaps it's the blizzard raging outside, making the outdoors as threatening as anything you could imagine within. Perhaps it's the nightmare you had, hinting at horrific mysteries below and leaving you with a strange object that seems to lead you inexorably downward. Or perhaps it's just another way for you to avoid writing that twenty page term paper you have due tomorrow.

In any event, you soon find yourself wandering away from your computer and into the dark nether regions of G.U.E. Tech. Suddenly, you're in a world that rivals your most hideous visions, a realm of horror lurking beneath the calm corridors and study halls.

Shapes emerge from dark corners. Eerie sounds draw closer. Slimy passageways lead to sights so horrifying that they will feed you nightmares for weeks.

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