Hollywood Hijinx (1986), a zany treasure hunt by "Hollywood" Dave Anderson.

As described on the box:

Vampire Penguins. A Corpse Line. Meltdown on Elm Street. Who could forget these classic Hollywood movies produced by your uncle, Buddy Burbank? But his greatest masterpiece has yet to be experienced... HOLLYWOOD HIJINX, starring you!

Your uncle Buddy and Aunt Hildegarde have passed away, but their memory lives on in their Malibu mansion, filled with a lifetime of Hollywood memorabilia. And you've inherited it all, with one stipulation- you can only claim your booty if you find the treasures hidden throughout the sprawling beachfront estate. If you can't find the treasures in one night, you lose the whole caboodle.

It's just the sort of thing you'd expect from Aunt Hildegarde and Uncle Buddy. And their home is familiar territory: you spent your childhood summers there with your cousin Herman. Although some say the house is haunted, you're not fooled. You know that Uncle Buddy, who wore a different polyester leisure suit each day of the week, was always rigging the place with goofy gags and booby traps.

Inside the house, everything is just as glitzy and full of fun as you remember it to be. There's the luxurious private screening room, the gold-plated bathroom faucets in the shape of Oscars, and the wacky props from old Buddy Burbank movies.

The Malibu estate seems like a funhouse at first. But the puzzles you must solve prove that Aunt Hildegarde and Uncle Buddy weren't just kidding around. Claiming the Burbank bundle turns out to be quite a challenge- and it's all in your honor.

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