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A "slide at the bottom" alien shooter for the Agenda PDA.
Fast-action platformer for X-Window in which, as a robo-monkey, it's your job to save the planet.
Brick Out
A ball, paddle and bricks game for the Agenda VR3 PDA.
Bug Squish
Squish the bugs before they suck your arm dry of blood! For Linux, Windows, Macintosh, and BeOS.
A multiplayer 3D tank battle for Irix, Linux, Solaris, or Windows.
Car Squall
Contains download of Windows game in which Squall drives around in a car and runs over wildlife while trying to avoid obstacles.
Chub Gam 3-D
3-D Action/Adventure game for DOS.
Circus Linux
"Circus Atari" clone for Linux, MacOS, or BeOS in which the object is to move a teeter-totter back and forth across the screen to bounce clowns up into the air and then catch them.
Cyberdogs Emporium
A shooter game for DOS with a campaign editor.
A clone of the arcade game "Defender," but with a Linux theme. Your mission is to defend little penguinoids from being captured and mutated.
Downhill Santa
Steer Santa's sleigh down the hill avoiding all trees on the way and pick up presents for points. (Windows)
Fly Panic
Windows game in which the goal is to kill all the flies on the screen.
Train, breed, and battle monsters for Gnome.
Hover Carnage
A multiplayer 3D action/strategy game for Linux, Unix or Windows. Controlling a hovercraft vehicle with a variety of projectile weapons, you are thrust into a world where players speed through subterranean tunnels, delivering valuable payloads of raw matter and information.
Clones of classic Atari games for DOS. Titles include 'PacPC', 'MsPacPC', and 'PC*Bert'.
Laser Assault
A third-person isometric shooter for Windows.
Liquid War
Multiplayer wargame for Linux, DOS or Windows. (Open Source, GPL)
Arcade game for Linux. (Open Source, GPL)
Mad Bomber
Extinguish bombs planted in the city before any of the explode in this one or two player game for Windows, Unix, or BeOS. (Open Source, GPL)
Nasty Armoured Tanks of War
A 3D (openGL) tank game for Linux based loosely on Scorched Earth. (Open Source, GPL)
Nonsense Games
Platform gameplay for Windows featuring levels with several different styles: shooters, breakout, or tennis.
Bloody 2D-action deathmatch game in ASCII art for Linux, OS/2 or Windows.
Pachi el Marciano
Based on comic character created by Nicolas Radeff, for Linux or Windows. Includes news, downloads, screenshots, and characters. [Open Source, GPL]
Single player four way scroller for Pocket PC in which the objective is to destroy all the fortresses.
Rabid Rabbit
For Linux, play a rabbit which tries to rescue lost sheep from marauding creatures.
Arcade style game for PalmOS. Supports color and grayscale.
Rocket Duel
Game for two players on a single DOS or Windows box where the goal is to shoot down the other player's rocket or capture the flag.
Escape three dimensional world of scanning, energy absorbing robots. (Windows)
Shoot It
Shoot the pictures that appear on your screen. You can specify your own themes and pictures. (Windows)
Skitter Tag
Linux game in which spaceships play tag in a maze. Describes game, with download, source, and bug list. [Open Source, GPL]
Super Methane Brothers
Clone of the Commodore Amiga title for Windows in which you blow fire. [Open Source, GPL]
A DOS game based on the classic 'Paratrooper'.
An adventure game for Windows in which you command a submarine during World War I.
In this platform adventure for Windows, play a penguin, make your way through thirty five levels in four worlds, defeat evil bosses, and reclaim the South Pole.
XTux Arena
A client server network game for X11 featuring opensource mascots. Cooperative and deathmatch play are available.
Yet Another SFCave
Fly through a tunnel without hitting the walls. (Windows) [Open Source, GPL]

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