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Games that can be played online with a web browser. Some require browser components such as Java, JavaScript, or Shockwave, but all are playable through the web browser.

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Adios, Amoebas
Kill a number of amoebas and advance to the next level.
Ai Pengo
Online Java game played by moving a penguin through a maze of ice blocks. Complete each level by pushing the blocks to squash all the monsters. Offers 36 levels and highscore list.
Battlezone in 32 hrs
Coded by Bill Witts who wrote the original Atari-approved Quicksilva BattleZone game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in 1983-84.
Commando Arena
Flash-based topview combat game against minibots and androids.
The Curb Game
Try to get a hedgehog across the road without getting hit by a car. Game includes sound effects and a high score list. Requires Shockwave plugin.
Defend The LCP
Defend The London College of Printing. A flash 5 game by Andrew Kendall.
Don's Dugout
Digging Java game. Dig your way underground to collect buried money bags. Use your bicycle pump to explode enemies.
Donde vas Nicolas
A flash game relating to the December holiday.
Egyptian Space Taxi
Flash-based clone of a C64 classic game. Fly around in a taxi, earn money and stay alive. Play available on Internet Explorer only.
Get points by releasing balls from parachutes as they fall from the top in this arcade-style Java game.
FFX Runner
Run away from your chasers and find the path to the safety.
FL Tron 2.0
Flash game of the light cycles from Tron. 1 and 2 player modes.
Gonzalez Pudding Game
Use the mouse to beat a poison pudding into the garbage while at the same time feeding a good pudding into a mouth in this online Java game.
Java Battleship- Armada
See if you can sink the computer player's ships before it sinks yours.
Fly between gates and zap evil aliens with a 4-beam laser.
Battle as a Ninja or Samurai in a browser based game.
Play the game and then learn how it was made. Includes tutorial on advanced mathematical functions in Flash 4.0.
Racing Frogs
Game in which players manage, feed, and train a racing frog to compete daily against other trainers.
Use a variety of weapons to shoot the bubbles in this multi-level online game. Users can create and share their own game levels.
Rick Dangerous Flash
A remake of the game in Flash.
Offers a Boulderdash clone written in Java.
A simple, Paranoia-inspired, arcade-style web game.
Seconds of Madness
Robo surf through the inside of a tube. Includes players guild and high scores.
Flash based game where you try to hold the circular hole in your vessel over the centre part of moving/bending tubular path. Includes mp3 background music.
Warp 1.5
Fly and shoot past obstacles. [Requires Java.]

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