Many Gamers play more than one system, and also build their pages that same way. This category is for those Web sites that have information for more than one Roleplaying game system, but that don't cover all of them, and which systems don't really have anything else in common.

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The Adventurers' Guild
Original material for role playing games - Legend of the five rings (L5R): swords, armor; Alternity: Mamba ship; and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play (WFRP): adventurer's guide, errata, bladesmith, Jedi.
Byakhee00's Rpg Page!
Scenarios and characters for Call of Cthulhu, weapons and New-Sapiens rules for Rifts.
The Editor's Wastebasket
Resources for Palladium and d20 systems and online roleplaying.
Gurth's WWW Page
Shadowrun rules supplements, Cyberpunk 2020 software, and a Millennium's End character sheet.
Imagination Factory
Some resources for D20 System, GURPS, and Rifts.
Michael's rpg homepage
Has New classes for Earthdawn and Vampire: The Masquerade. Will soon have new stories for werewolf that can be used for free. It's an okay site.
Morpheus Unbound
GURPS (Empire of Dreams, Earth Under Siege campaigns, lots of equipment), Living Legends (rules, mods, errata, Legion Strikes adventure), Hero System (characters, What Rough Beast adventure), Battletech (designs).
Peracles' RPG Home Page
Some resources for Serenity, Call of Cthulhu, Space 1889, Pulp Era, and Vampire: the Masquerade. Also features Star Wars Fan Fiction.
Editorials, wallpapers, gallery, information on the author's play group, game hints, adventures, house rules, Star Wars d6 resources and information and a list of magical items in Warhammer fantasy.
Character and tracking sheets for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Alternity, and Gamma World. Available as postscript, PDF and others, these are designed for printing.
Storyte11er's Game Page
Features a new bloodline for Vampire: The Masquerade and Marvel Super Heroes Adventure statistics for Big Hero Six.
Sword and Shield
Some resources for Star Wars d20 and Dungeons and Dragons 3E.
The Tower Of Telustis
The GM's trading post. Ideas for everything from fantasy to sci-fi.

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