For fantasy LARP's that meet in North America. If your page is part of a larger system, please check and see if that system has its own category and submit there.

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Live Action Roleplayers Association (LARPA)
Non-profit organization that exists exclusively to promote live roleplaying (LARP). Includes articles, forums, blogs, and a Wiki.
Alternate Universe Roleplaying Association
Photo gallery, character backgrounds, schedule of events, and contact information. [Pennsylvania, US]
At the Magicopolis theater in Los Angeles. Staged by a professional cast, with audience members included in the roleplay. Includes cast members, photograph gallery, directions, prices and links. [California, US]
EPOCH Toronto
Hosts game events throughout the year in Canada. Includes membership information, photo gallery, club news and event updates.
In-character background information and contacts. [South Carolina, US]
Forest of Doors
Boffer LARP in which you play a denizen of one of eight distinct Homeworlds. Includes game rules, character creation, event information, and forums. [Georgia, US]
Knight Realms
Rulebook, basic calendar of events, information on how to build weapons. [US]
Knights and Nobles and Rogues (KANAR)
Includes newsletter, calendar of events, contacts list and rules of play updates.
Includes rules of play, upcoming events, history of the land and original writings by members. [Utah, US]
Lione Rampant
In-character and out-of-character areas including game background, message boards, calendar of events, rules updates, and contact information. [Connecticut, US]
Mythic Realms
Home page for Mythic Realms, a Utah LARP. Website includes a calendar, a message board, newsletters, pictures, and contact information.
A fantasy, historical, LARP and combat group based on Maui in Hawaii. Includes rules, event information, and photo galleries. [Hawaii, US]
Realms of Adventure
Located on Long Island in New York. Downloadable rules, event information, photo gallery and message boards.
Shifted Lands
Rules, event schedule, and related links. [Michigan, US]
Southern Organization for Live-Action Reenactments (SOLAR)
Players guide to assist in creating a new character with rules overview. Schedule of events, forums and links to several local chapters. [Georgia/North Carolina, US]
Tales of Valor
A Celtic Fantasy LARP. Includes game rules, campaign information, and forums. [Massachusetts, US]
Wyvern Rising
Includes event schedule, rules, campaign lore, photo gallery, and forums. [Pennsylvania, US]
Xanodria Productions Inc.
Full weekend, fully catered events. Includes game system rules, pictures, schedule of events and contact information. [Pennsylvania, US]
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