Palladium Books' game set on a future Earth where the psychic energy released by casualties of a nuclear war has opened rifts to other worlds, allowing bizarre and powerful creatures (including characters from other Palladium games) to invade.

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Another Palladium Site
An adventure, house rules, and new character classes, weapons, and equipment.
The Astrolite Province
A new government for Rifts. Includes new OCCs and RCCs, equipment, bots, power amor, and weapons.
Castle Lament
Features character database, a Nightspawn crossover campaign, and information on the CS War.
Chris' Rifts Page
Features a new interdimensional corporation, game balance advice, new character classes, and expanded alien generation rules.
Home of the Wormwood netbook.
The Editor's Wastebasket
Adventures, characters, netbooks, and world background for the various Palladium settings.
Character classes and weapons converted to GURPS rules.
Infernal's Rifts
Features weapons, character classes, monsters, and NPCs.
Kitsune's Palladium Web Page
Page of different information on Palladium games including Rifts, Robotech, Palladium Fantasy, and Ninjas and Superspies.
Ledsouls Free Space
A Palladium Megaversal site. The Free Space is a Gallery of Aliens, Weapons and Technology of the future in a Palladium Setting. It includes Artwork and information.
Once More Unto the Breach
Check out new technologies and weapons for the Three Galaxies, and the TW Assassin employed by the Splugorth, along with the CS Water Skull Walker
Palladium Books
The official web site of everyone's favorite role-playing game publisher.
Palladium: Space
A site dedicated to all of Palladium's space related genres and RPG's, as well as Rifts, and The Palladium Fantasy RPG.
Riftergm's Rifts
Information on the game, players, stores, armor, weapons, and a newsletter.
Rifts at the Labyrinth
Includes world information, spells, technowizardry, super powers, OCCs, and a work in progress: The Complete Magic List.
Rifts Atlantis
Dedicated to the Altarain blind warrior women. Downloads, house rules, gallery, a FAQ, and biographies.
Rifts Indonesia Netbook
A Rifts Indonesia world setting, complete with new OCC's, world information, new magic variants, conflict, alliances, and a deadly world destroyer.
Rifts Realms
Your one stop information source for the mIRC channel #Rifts_Seaport, and various other Rifts information as I can make updates
Rifts Webpage By Sliderz
Characters, villains, and allies.
Rifts: Across the River Styx
Information concerning Rifts and other games by Palladium. Includes Netbooks, new weapons, and gizmos.
New Naruni Enterprises vehicles, starships and powerarmor (including my Naruni style Glitterboy!). As well as original artwork and some other photographs.
Sidekick Sid's Palladium page
Home of the Crazie Weapons and the 10lbs Cheese Burger.
Sir Tenzan's RIFTS Gallery
Contains the creations of the Red River Valley Gaming Group. Included among its creations is the kingdom of Desert Star and the Republic of Wa-Daisho, Desert Star's industry S-Mart, and an assortment of new OCCs mostly related to the two new nations.
Tsunami Arms
Tsunami Arms (TSA) is a new competitor in the North American small arms market. They concentrate on high-quality projectile weapons which are combined with more standard weapon types on the same frame, usually a beam projector or grenade launcher.
The Unofficial Palladium RPG Page
A page with lots of data for Rifts and Heroes Unlimited, massive extensions to magic and psionics for your Palladium campaign, and far more than can be put into a short description.
WebRing: rifts
List of sites that make up "The Ring of RIFTS".
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