Fantasy-based pen-and-paper roleplaying games freely given away by their authors/owners. ("Fantasy" is loosely defined as any game system or setting using magic or mysticism as a central theme, but not fitting into a specialized genre like Anime, Christian, or Horror.)

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ARG: The Adventure Roleplay Gaming System
Roleplaying rules for the fantasy world of Anghar.
Athala Homepage
Athala is a totally free fantasy role playing game. It has been created by a veteran pernickety game master and it want to be realistic, complete and simple.
The Children of Fire Roleplaying Game
A storyteller-style game of angels and demons.
The Decision Driven Gaming Center
Diceless roleplaying game resources including expansions to Fate, Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game, Ars Magica and its own game Destiny - a decision driven role game.
Demonstone II Role-Playing Game
Paper and pen role-playing game modeled after RPG video games.
Dragon Fist
Wizards of the Coast's game inspired by wuxia, Hong Kong fantasy martial arts cinema.
The Earth of the Fourth Sun Fantasy RPG
A home-made fantasy RPG with a unique Magic system, Open character generation (yet includes Templates), and a combat system more cinematic than realistic.
Fear RPG
Free fantasy roleplaying system - available for download as a pdf file. Flexible, easy and realistic. Born of 10 years of frustration with Rolemaster, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer.
Free Generic Roleplaying Game
Level-based with player classes, flexible and functional.
Gaea: Circle In Blue the Roeplaying Game
Fantasy Role-playing Game based in the world of Gaea during the strife filled second age of dying magic and waning Gods.
Legends of Hyrule
A pen-and-paper game based on Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda" video games.
Lycadican FRPG
Lycadican is an open content fantasy role playing game.
Mythical Enchantment
Mythical Enchantment is a game that brings the world of fantasy that much closer to reality.
The Official Jabberwocky FRPG Website
Herein you will find both a complete system of fantasy-based role-playing guidelines and a campaign setting, The World of Ærchus.
QuestFRP Grand Central
A skill-based roleplaying game, redesigned and play-tested by different groups in multiple countries since 1984.
S6S - Simple Roleplaying System
S6S is a simple fantasy roleplaying system that uses a risk based system with a d6.
Sixteen Coal Black Horses
Publishers of the Battleaxe RPG, a free fantasy role-playing game.
Soul Engine: A Game of Necromancy and Intrigue
Soul Engine is a dark fantasy roleplaying game set in a universe where necromancy is the ultimate military power.
Vampire Shadows
A free ever-changing RPG project.
Yags is a Free (as in GPL) roleplaying game system. It is mostly fantasy based, though the core rules are modular and generic.

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