Perhaps the best and most annotated world in the TSR game collection, the Forgotten Realms campaign setting takes AD&D players from the frigid glaciers of the Great Glacier to the searing heat of the Anauroch, the Great Desert. Over two decades in the making, the Forgotten Realms allow players and Dungeon Masters to explore the world of Toril as a mystical Mage, devout Cleric, fearless Warrior and even a wily thief. The possibilities end only with your imagination. Visit the lands of Drizzt, Elminster, Alias and other heroes as they battle the evil forces of the Red Wizards of Thay and the Black Network of the Zhentarim. Take a look at some of the best resources on the web for ideas, help, introductions and even online gaming in the Forgotten Realms.

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Campaign Journal: Hugh's Forgotten Realms Campaign
Detailed journals written by all the characters in an ongoing campaign. Includes dynamically generated Forgotten Realms calendar, maps, house rules, character stats, painted minis and dungeons used in weekly campaign.
Includes netbooks, campaign information, maps, campaign logs, and downloads.
Digital Dreaming: Silver Marches
Roleplaying site currently running games in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms. Moderated chat with DM-run stories.
Elaine Cunningham Online
The home page for Elaine Cunningham, the author of the forgotten realms novels Starlight and Shadow and the Songs and Swords series.
The Forgotten Realms Bibliography
Index of game products, fiction, articles, and miscellaneous information on the Forgotten Realms for the 3rd Edition of D&D.
Forgotten Realms: The Library
Comprehensive list of Forgotten Realms books, their authors, artists and their order in the Realms timeline.
Project Realms
Complete scale model of The Western Heartlands of Faerun, with pictures, background information, and a message board.
Reality Simulations, Inc: Forgotten Realms
Rules and background for a commercial play-by-mail game.
Author, actor, web designer and game designer... Sean K Reynolds' home page is a great resource for role playing and forgotten realms material.
Tales of the Forgotten Realms
Home of a long term WEBRPG based campaign. Includes rules, maps, character profiles, and related artwork and fiction.
An unofficial guide to the City of Splendors.

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