Fantasy has a special meaning when applied to Roleplaying Games (after all, all roleplaying is fantasizing, right?). The Fantasy in Fantasy Roleplaying Games refers to what is sometimes called High Fantasy, or Swords and Sorcery - elves, dwarves, dragons, wizards, a more-or-less medieval or ancient setting. Not all of these games have all of these things. Dungeons & Dragons, the first Roleplaying Game, is the classic example.

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The Dying Earth RPG
Based on fantasy writer Jack Vance's Dying Earth Tales. Includes downloadable quick start rules and a free online magazine.
ElfClash: The Realm of Lanai
Official fan site for this d20 RPG. Contains news, updates, information on the game, and downloads, and submitted fan fiction.
EN World: RPG News & Reviews
Offers news and reviews of roleplaying games and boardgames, updated daily. Includes a large forum and a variety of resources for tabletop gamers.
Hogwarts Academy
Harry Potter message board. Get sorted, go to classes, or become a professor.
Judges Guild Codex
Information on all the Judges Guild products published in the 70's-80's.
Kindling Moon
Based in Arabian myth with an emphasis on balancing combat, problem-solving, and interaction.
Kobolds Ate My Baby!
Publishers' site for the "Beer and Pretzels Role-Playing Game" set in a town that's been ravaged and pillaged from a nearby tribe of Kobolds. This time, you're the devilish little critters.
Saga of Logatroth
Official site for a role-playing board game designed to be played by 6 to 16 players and one referee.
Shalkith: Last Kin
Offers updates, strategies, downloads, free supplements, and community news.
Sharene, Planet of Adventures
A complete universe for an heroic fantasy roleplaying game campaign. Includes full game system rules, maps, world description, religions, politics, economy, non human races, and adventures.
Sorcerer: An Intense Roleplaying Game
Official site for an "indie RPG" about sorcerers and their demons.
Under the Broken Moon
Role-playing game set in the world of the television cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian, using mechanics from Atlas Games' Over the Edge, by Jonathan Tweet.
Yahoo! Groups: DragonsOfTheEast
Archives and subscription information for a mailing list about systems with Oriental settings.

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