Many professional authors of role-playing games have their own web pages. Typically these have a lot of semi-official supplemental information that just didn't get published, errata, and links.

The difference between a website that should be here, that of a professional Roleplaying Author, and just an amateur hobbyist who has written her own campaign scenarios for her group is somewhat subjective, but is like the difference between an Author and a Writer. One has a noticeable quantity of work professionally published, the other hasn't.

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Website of game/fiction author Robert M. Schroeck of Steve Jackson Games. Campaigns and supplemental information for: TFOS, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Gurps Fantasy, Gurps IST, Gurps Camelot, Gurps Werewolf.
Allen Varney
Writer and game designer with credits for TSR, White Wolf, FASA, West End, SJG, and Hero Games.
Amanda Dickerson
Author of Dead Sea Murder, and other rpg games.
Angel Leigh McCoy's Homepage
Author of horror fiction and game supplements.
Entertainment Plus More, Inc
Includes information on web and turn-based games as well as an Adventurers' and Players' guild.
Perrin's Worlds of Wondex
The web site of Steve Perrin and Luise Perenne, including opportunities to purchase games and art.
Phil Masters' Home Page
Author of GURPS Arabian Nights, Places of Mystery, Discworld, Russia, Kingdom of Champions, many White Dwarf articles. Maintainer of FAQ, Baroquoun British roleplay convention.
Steffan O'Sullivan's Home Page
Author of FUDGE, GURPS Bestiary, GURPS Swashbucklers, GURPS Fantasy Bestiary, GURPS Bunnies and Burrows, and Sherpa. Co-plaintiff in the infamous Steve Jackson Games vs. the U.S. Secret Service lawsuit.
Valent Games
Creators of a table-top RPG called "Console" which pokes fun at console RPGs such as "Final Fantasy". Site contains information on their game, a PDF magazine and a company description.
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