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This is for all software and web-based applications that can be used for solving crossword clues.

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Used to solve clues.
Anagram Scramble
Solve anagrams, unscramble words. For word games including Scrabble, Quiddler and crossword puzzles.
BoLS Crosswords
Provides a crossword clue finder, searchable dictionary, and free daily crossword puzzles.
CataList Crossword Solver
Solves crossword clues based on word length, known letters, and the category of the clue.
Crossword dictionary tool for download on a PC.
Offers help with solving crossword puzzles.
Crossword Clue Solver
Simple web-based letter pattern searcher.
Crossword Dictionary
Searchable online puzzle solver. Contains more than 235,000 entries, including names and movie titles.
Crossword Fix
This site provides tools to help you solve those tricky clues. There is a Letter Solver to help find missing letters, and an Anagram Solver.
Crossword Giant
Find solutions to daily newspaper crossword puzzles.
Crossword Puzzle Guide
Lists of common crossword answers, biblical names and mythological figures organized by word length.
Crossword Puzzle Help
Search for crossword puzzle answers using the crossword solver, anagram solver and thesaurus solver.
Crossword Puzzle Helper
Allows searches based on patterns and keywords that appear in the clue.
Crossword Solver
A utility to help with those holes in solutions.
Crossword Solver
Enter in the letters you know and the length of the word and get a selection of results that match.
The Crossword Solver
Solves crosswords based on patterns, available for download on iOS devices.
Crossword Solver
Provides many answers to current clues posed in crosswords puzzles across the nation.
The Crossword Solver
Collection of crossword solving tools and crossword thesaurus to help fill in the blanks in crossword puzzles.
Crossword Tools
A web-based collection of crossword (and wordplay) related tools. Includes a crossword clue analyser, an anagram solver and generator and a letter pattern searcher.
Crossword Tracker
A crossword solving search engine with a reverse feature that lets you see other clues pointing to an answer.
Crosswords UK
A resource for cryptic crossword enthusiasts. Guides for completion, word finder and anagram solver with mobile versions. - Crossword Solver
Find words based on clues or letter patterns.
Ekelundh.Com: Crossword Solver Database
Partial word search with wildcards.
An online word pattern searcher. Includes searches for partial words, anagrams, palindromes, words in word, word bridges.
Instant Crossword Tools
Simple but effective anagram solver and letter pattern finder.
Mondofacto Crossword solver
This will help you solve those tricky clues that have you stumped
One Across
Search by clues, word lengths, or partial words with wildcards.
Primarily a dictionary site but also has the ability to do wildcard searches on the words it knows about.
Online Crossword Dictionary
Searchable American clue database of 220,000 entries. Also contains letter pattern searcher.
Helps to solve crossword puzzle clues by suggesting possible solutions based on the letters you already know.
Word Matcher
Free online word pattern matcher
Online word and anagram finder that uses the UK Advanced Cryptics Dictionary.
Crossword help with instant search, the matching words appear as you type.

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