This category is for sites primarily focused on the use and/or distribution of computer software for Sudoku. Such software could...
  • Create puzzles for the user to solve, either directly or after exporting/printing
  • Solve puzzles from other sources
  • Provide clues/hints for the user to solve a puzzle they are struggling with
...or any combination. Online (browser-based) applications will be found in Games: Video Games: Puzzle: Browser Based: Sudoku.

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DKM Sudoku Online
Play online puzzles at one of four difficulty levels. Also includes a solver program and hints. Software for Pocket PC and Windows also available.
Erational Sudoku Helper
Flash application to assist in solving puzzles by using basic scanning techniques. Download and source code available.
Flying Frog Consultancy
This web page describes a 19-line (769-byte) OCaml program that solves Sudoku puzzles.
Sudoku generator/solver/analyzer written in Java/Swing (English and German). Lots of human style techniques (singles, subsets, LCs, fish, wings, uniqueness, coloring, chains, ALS), powerful analyzer (manage multiple solutions for one sudoku).
MaaTec Sudoku
For Windows: puzzle generator and solver for sizes between 4x4 and 36x36.
SadMan Software Sudoku
Another Windows Sudoku solver, free trial.
Simple Sudoku
Freeware puzzle creator for Windows.
Su Doku Master
Sudoku puzzle generator and solver software for Mac OS X.
Sudoku 1on1
Solve a Sudoku at the same time as somebody else and try to be first.
Sudoku Companion
Sudoku puzzle generator for Mac OS X.
Sudoku Dragon
Shareware puzzle solver. Generate and solve puzzles, print out the grid for solving by hand, tips and tutorials with online discussion forums. [Windows XP/2000/Me/98]
Sudoku Puzzle Aid (or Cheat)
Online Sudoku solver.
Sudoku Sensei
Open source application which describes the logic used to solve a grid, rather than using a simple brute force solution. Includes source code and samples. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux]
Sudoku Snake
Program to generate Sudoku puzzles, comprehensive list of solving techniques.
Sudoku Solver
It solves any sudoku, even the hardest one.
Sudoku Solver by Andrew Stuart
Shows the logic behind solving sample games square by square.
Sudoku Teaching Assistant
A free Sudoku teaching program in an Excel spreadsheet.
Excel-based shareware helper application.
Open source Sudoku game for any Java enabled phone. Includes downloads, a game manual and user forums.
Open source Sudoku solver with visualization of solving strategies.
Yasminoku sudoku
Online sudoku which is free and open source made in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS / CSS3, HTML / HTML5).

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