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Contains sites with collections of optical illusions.

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Akiyoshi's Illusion Pages
Many works of Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Designs around standard illusions crafted to maximise the illusory effect.
Amos Storkey - Visual Illusion of the Month
Collection of illusions and images chosen for novelty and distinction from the usual set found in most collections.
Braingle's Optical Illusions
Dozens of optical illusions to tease your brain.
Cool Optical Illusions
A growing collection of optical illusions and eye tricks, including original illusion pictures and a collection of optical illusion desktop wallpaper.
Cut the Knot: Visual Illusions
A collection of about 20 illusions, all accompanied by Java applets. Interactively changeable attributes help investigate which ones are in fact responsible for tricking the brain.
Eye Magic: Optical Illusions
Offers a number of optical illusions for viewing, as well as explanations on how they work.
Optical illusions, 3D stereograms and anaglyphs, fractals and brain teasers
Gallery of pictures that will trick your eyes.
A multimedia museum of optical and sensory illusions, with online demonstrations and explanations.
Magic Eye Inc.
Creators of the stereogram craze of the '90s. A new image is posted weekly, and includes the answer.
Michael Bach: Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena
The stress here is on relative novelty and interactivity, in combination with a scientific background. Regularly updated.
A collection of optical illusions, online games, and other fun things.
NBCreations illusions
Illusions by Brincat Norbert for viewing and downloading.
Optical Illusionist
Optical illusions, eye tricks, mind teasers and other puzzles.
Optical Illusions
Amazing Pictures and Effects
Optical Illusions
A collection of riddles and optical illusions of many different forms with thumbnail browsing.
Optical Illusions Etc
A collection of various forms of optical illusions with explanations, including illusions conveyed through fractals, architecture, art, advertising and real life encounters.
Optical Magic Optical Illusions
A selection of common images.
Planet Perplex
Selection of optical illusions, hidden images, impossible objects and upside down images.
Skytopia - Dynamic Optical Illusions
A selection of old, new and original optical illusions. Many pictures are enhanced via the use of 3D and animation.
Subliminal Messages
Impossible figures, optical illusions, multimedia and 3D puzzles.

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