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Clemenceau, USS
The Clemenceau, NCC 74322, is an Intrepid class starship commanded by Auriel Al'Shar.
Glennraven, USS
The USS Glennraven, NCC 607982, is an Akira class Starship.
Glorion, USS
Set on the USS Glorion, a Sovereign Class vessel in the year 2380. Rating: PG-14.
Iliad, USS
The USS Iliad is a Galaxy Class Starship based at Starbase 32 in the Tarsan system.
Marakesh, USS
Set on the Intrepid Class USS Marakesh after the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Star Trek: Rebellion
Star Trek: Rebellion is a PBEM (play by email) game set in an alternate universe where the Maquis Rebellion developed into a full-fledged Federation Civil War. Join a whole new adventure where the fight is to make the Federation free again.
United Federation of Allied Ships
Formed to create diversity among the many sim groups and organizations out there today. The UFAS has one of the most advanced research and development departments today as well as a large fleet of diverse starships.
USS George W. Bush, NCC-2004 -- Star Trek Role Play by E-mail
The USS George W. Bush is a Deep Space Exploration Starship. Admiral Star leads his crew in this Star Trek role play adventure. Member, Independence Fleet.
USS Scorpion
Comprised of survivors from the destroyed USS Tornado (Akira-class) and the USS Talon (Defiant-class), they are doing their best to help the Maquis Alliance return the Alpha Quadrant to what it used to be before the Federation's civil war tore it apart. Incorporating technology they brought with them from their own universe, they have the most powerful starship in the Alpha Quadrant - the USS Scorpion. Together, the Scorpion and the Talon will bring fear to the heart of the Federation!
USS Trinity
A PBeM RPG on an Akira Class anti-Borg Heavy cruiser, Flagship of Tactical Group 3 of Neo fleet.
Valiant, USS
The USS Valiant is the Flagship of the United Role Playing Federation and is based on an Ambassador class ship.
Voyager Live Action
Features canon characters from the four Trek television series.
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