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This category contains websites pertaining to the playing of games on Web-based message boards, for example the boards provided by Yahoo or OneList. These games are typically played by taking turns posting messages.

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The Cobra's Lair
A community for creating and role-playing in custom universes, and discussion of other games on the forums. [Proboards Hosted]
Series of forums for role-playing different types and genres and discussion on various topics.
Community for organized message gaming, live chat and regular live events covering a wide range of genres.
Elite Skills Role Play
User-based role-playing forum where five different aliases containing a profile and picture may be created per user.
Embyr Haven
Forums for RP in popular sci-fi and fantasy categories from TV shows, movies and games. Includes a chat room. [Angelfire and Proboards Hosted]
Head On A Stick
Home of many different types of role-playing experiences and settings; Real Life, Wasteland, Heroes?, and others. There are also general discussion forums and creative writing areas.
Moorim RPGs The Final Refuge
A forum for online roleplaying, fanfiction writing, fanart, and chats about various subjects.
PhobiaVerse Online RPG
An Industrial Espionage game based on the comic book universe depicted in the Phobia Studios comic books, and run by the creators themselves. [Proboards Hosted]
Role Playing Games Network
Provides message boards where users can play games in many genres, including Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, white wolf, and the D20 system.
Roleplayer Guild
Freeform play-by-post forum open to all RPG genres. Roleplays are organized by skill-level.
A flexible roleplay environment. Includes roleplaying chat, roleplaying forums, and character profile hosting.
Timeless Chamber
A site for roleplaying, chatting, and just about everything. Focuses highly on fantasy and Harry Potter. [InvisionFree Hosted]
Years of Anguish
In the future, the world is in the final years of capitalism. Wars threaten to tear the world asunder. Poverty and disease are rampant in the ever expanding third world. But, in these dark years of human suffering, a revolution is being organized. [Proboards Hosted]

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