Games Miniatures Terrain Manufacturers
Companies that make terrain, so you don't have to.

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Terrain and accessories for any period or wargame with all pieces cast in a light, yet durable resin.
Battlefield Props
Creators of a varied selection of model terrain pieces for both science fiction and fantasy settings.
Baueda Wargames
Developer of 15, 20, and 25mm resin buildings and accessories for tabletop wargames. Range include 15mm tents and fortifications as well pieces for 20/25/28mm scales. Some pieces are available prepainted or 'ready to play', as well as plain casts.
Producers of a range of scale resin and plastic models and kits for a varied range of hobby and general use. Site available in German, English and French.
Castle Kits
28mm Pre-cast Hirst Arts terrain kits, fantasy, science fiction, historical, and accessories for gaming or display.
Manufacturers of wargaming terrain, specialising in N-scale (1:160) cast resin scenic building kits or as 'play-ready' constructions.
The packs and sets available are suitable for a variety of games, and cost less to other similar products.
Dreamholme Collectables
Sells terrain accessories. Includes a gallery, pricing, and contact information. [Some areas require Flash.]
Fantascene wargames scenery
Resin-cast scenery in 25-30mm for wargaming and RPG players. Supplied both painted and unpainted.
Fiddlers Green
Produces paper templates that are downloadable on a range of subjects including buildings that are useful for reference or those wanting terrain on a tight budget. / Tabletopterrain
Producers of a unique hand-crafted range of painted scenery and accessories for 25 to 30mm scale tabletop wargames.
Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture
Use the silicone moulds to design and create custom models and terrain features from any period, fantasy or science fiction, using plaster of paris.
Hovels Ltd.
Manufacturers of model buildings for all scales of wargaming; has a catalogue of buildings and accessories.
Killer Terrain
Custom hand-built terrain suitable for wargaming in historical, science-fiction or fantasy genres.
Kobblestone Miniatures
Sells terrain additions and scenery. Offers company information, photographs, pricing, and ordering.
The Miniature Building Authority
Pre-painted, modular and single part, resin castings suitable for gamers in historical or fantasy genres.
Miniature World Maker
Scenery and terrain suitable for use in historical, railroad, science fiction genres and games.
Offers accessories for scene creations, includes doors, kits such as food, and furniture.
Producers of a range of 4mm (OO Scale) cardboard buildings for hobbyists.
Monolith Design
Manufacturers of resin kits and building terrain for all scales and time-periods.
Red Dragon Terrain
Custom crafted tabletop terrain for use with 28mm game systems including Warhammer 40k and Lord of the Rings.
S & A Scenics
Manufacturers of handmade terrain for historical and fantasy wargamers plus accessories and Ziterdes buildings.
The Scene
Specialising in the production of hand-crafted unique pieces of terrain for players of all wargames.
Scenic Express
Manufacturers of authentic, life-like trees for use in wargaming and miniature battles.
Serf's Out West
Creates custom terrain at any scale. Tips on making terrain, trees and accessories and a gallery photos.
Creates handmade terrain and scenery for table top battle games.
Produce model buildings and terrain for wargamers, hobbyists and collectors.
TM Terrain
Produces terrain for the collector or wargamer that require customised pieces.
Vatican Enterprises
Wholesale distributor and Internet retailer of Hudson and Allen Studio 25mm scale model buildings for tabletop miniature wargames.
War Zone Gaming Terrain Systems
Custom or pre-made terrain pieces in a variety of sizes and colours for use with any tabletop wargame.
Whitewash City 3D
Designed from authentic Old West buildings, Whitewash City are one of several sets of 3D cardstock templates for the gamer on a budget. All are in 30mm (1/60th) scale.
Developers of wargaming terrain including pyramids, fortifications, medieval buildings, ruins, mountains and rivers. Editor Note: Site in German.
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