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This category lists clubs, societies and informal groups which are primarily dedicated to miniature gaming covering any gaming periods.

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Acocks Green Wargaming Club
Located in Sheldon, West Midlands, UK. Plays most scales and periods. Campaign notes, event photos, directions to club and contact information.
BattleGroup Boston's Bunker
A support site for the historical miniatures wargaming club BattleGroup Boston. Information on joining the club, club mailing list and useful articles on gaming.
Brighton Wargames Club
Based in England. Plays ancients, Renaissance, Napoleonic, second world war and fantasy eras. Contact information and picture gallery.
Fanaticus Virtual Community for DBx Gamers
An online club promoting De Bellis Antiquitatis and related gaming rules. Wargaming and historical resources, forum, bookstore and online marketplace.
Furness Wargamers Club
A wargames society based in Barrow, Cumbria. Contains photograph, articles, rules, and gaming information.
Galaxy Comics Online
Gaming club and retailer located in Wichita Falls, Texas USA. Focus on Games Workshop products. List of events, rules information, gallery and discussion forum.
Guildford Wargames Club
Based in Guildford, Surrey. Plays most periods and figures including board games. Meeting timings, directions to club location and links.
The Hawke's Bay Wargames Club
Based at Hastings, New Zealand. Game periods played include Warhammer family, Napoleonic, Second World War Naval and modern. Contact information, newsletter and meeting schedule.
Hong Kong Society of Wargamers
Plays miniature games in various periods including Darkest Africa, first world war aerial and Napoleonic. Board and computer gaming also. Articles on wargaming, travelogues, club dispatches, news and photo gallery.
Hoplon Wargames Club
From Patras, Greece. A gathering point for people interested in wargames, scale modeling, collecting miniatures and history. Site provides tournament information, club news, gallery and articles.
Illawarra Battlegamers Club
Located in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Downloadable gaming accessories, timings of meetings, news and search.
India Wargamers
Wargaming club in India. Games played includes Piquet, Ancient and Medieval Warfare, Crossfire and De Bellis Multitudinis. Battle reports, campaign notes, articles, and profiles of players.
The Lance and Longbow Society
A Medieval interest society based in the UK. Publishers of Hobilar, a journal on warfare in medieval era. Provides various resources for wargaming.
Memphis Area Wargamer's League
Plays fantasy and science fiction games, mainly Warhammer 40,000. Offers campaign information, club news, photo gallery and wargaming scenarios.
Metropolitan Wargamers NYC
Located in Brooklyn, New York. Joining information, game reviews, articles and write ups, links, events and game list.
Milton Keynes Wargames Society
UK club focusing on tabletop wargaming. Historic games cover periods from ancients to second world war using De Bellis series, Fire and Fury. Has a fantasy wargame group which specialises in Warhammer gaming.
MK Canberra
Located in Canberra, Australia. Plays Mage Knight and Heroclix. Features events, swaps and tournament tracking boards.
Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore
Miniature wargaming group based in Singapore. Battle reports, free gaming rules, beginners guide and uniform reference for painting. Plays ancients, medieval and second world war games in addition to Napoleonic.
Newark Irregulars
Wargaming club in Newark-on-Trent, Notts, UK. Hosts of the Partizan shows namely Fantasy/Sci-Fi Partizan in February, Partizan in May, and The Other Partizan in August each year.
Northern Virginia Gamers
Facilitates gaming in the Washington D.C. area. Plays historical and fantasy, miniature and board games. Organizers of 'GAMECON', a gaming convention. Articles, contact information, convention details.
Old Edwardian Wargames Club
Club located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Caters to all historical figure wargaming, as well as draughts, checkers, and morabaraba.
Ottawa Miniatures Gamers
Canadian wargaming club. Plays historical miniatures games in various scales. List of events, newsletter, club pictures and map directions.
Prague Historical Wargaming Group
From the Czech Republic. Plays all periods from ancients through world war two. Club briefing and contact information.
Schild en Vriend Miniature Wargaming Club Leuven
Located in Belgium. Club information, gaming scenarios and tips on scenario design, picture gallery, after action reports and contact information.
South London Warlords
Wargaming, role playing and military modeling club. Organizers of Salute, an annual gaming convention. Convention and contact information, photo gallery, articles from club magazine and schedule.
St Helens and Ashton Wargames Society
News, gallery, links and contact information. Interests range from historical to fantasy and everything in between.
Swindon and District Wargamer club
Swindon and District Wargames Club covering a wide range of periods in the Wargames hobby.
War Realm
Fantasy wargaming group in Charlotte, NC. Exclusive focus on Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and other Games Workshop games. Rule clarifications, news, information on local groups and game armies.
Wargamers directory
Contact details for clubs and societies worldwide and links to sites of interest.
Wasatch Front Historical Gaming Society
Based in Northern Utah, US. Publishers of newsletter 'Warning Order', which contains reviews, battle reports, scenarios, and features.

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