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Listings of manufacturers and producers or miniatures in all scales, from all periods, be they historical, fantasy or science fiction products. Sites that do not deal with the manufacture of miniatures will not be accepted. Producers of paint or accessories will be considered in each case.

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Ace Models
Specialises in 1/72 scale armour (tanks), and complementary accessories including acid etched brass frets and decals.
Acheson Creations
Manufactures a range of 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm resin cast buildings, from many historical periods and ancient cultures through to buildings of the 20th century.
Adler Miniatures
Manufacturers several ranges of miniatures based on Napoleonic, Seven Years War, American Civil War, science fiction and fantasy periods.
Army Group North Miniatures
Manufacturer of 1/56 scale resin WWII vehicles. The models are exactly scaled for use with 28mm WWII figures.
Art I.G. Ltd.
Producers of a collection of white metal historical military miniatures including Napoleon, Roman Empire, Russian Army, and American Civil War periods that come pre-painted for collectors.
Artizan Designs
Producers of a fine selection of 28mm scale WWII and medieval miniatures intended for collectors and gamers alike.
The Assault Group
Producers of a range of modern military figurines, suitable for wargames set in the modern day or science fiction genres or for collectors.
ATS Original Toy Soldiers
Revolutionary War, Civil War and Foreign Legion toy soldiers.
Baccus Minis
Producers of a range of 6mm miniatures and accessories as well as several historical publications and rulesets.
Battlefield Miniatures
Manufacturers of 20mm World War II historical miniature figures for the wargamer and collector.
Brigade Models
Manufacturers of several ranges of white metal and resin miniatures, including science fiction pieces, buildings and accessories.
Bronze Age Miniatures
Producers of a small range of original miniatures in collectable and wargaming sizes. Also produce a range of jewellery in brass.
Canterbury Miniatures
New Zealand producer and official distributor of several scales - between 5 and 28mm - of fantasy, historical and science fiction miniatures from respected manufacturers.
Castaway Arts
Produces a selection of historical miniatures in 25mm scale, including Sumerians, Old Kingdom Egyptians, Midianite Arabs/Camel Nomads, Gladiators, Zagros Highlanders/Gutians, and Early Hebrews.
CharGen Sculptures
Have custom made miniatures of your roleplay characters brought to life in polymer clay.
Copplestone Castings
Former Foundry sculptor Mark Copplestone's own range of miniature figures that include Darkest Africa, Future Wars and Back of Beyond pieces.
Crocodile Games
Producer of a range of alternative, fantasy Egypt miniatures. Hoping to do the same to Ancient Greece next.
Crusader Miniatures
Foundry's Mark Sims official site. Has many comical orc, dwarf and pirate miniatures, suitable for wargaming or diorama construction.
Denizen Miniatures
Respected company that produces several ranges of white metal pieces that include a 1/43rd scale motor sport related range, 25mm fantasy and science fiction ranges and a 90mm fantasy females collectors range.
Donnington Miniatures
Sculptors of an line of 15mm ancients and medievals, including speciality casualty figures and DBA armies.
Dream Pod 9
Producers of a range of role-playing games as well as producing a range of miniatures compatible with the games.
Dust Game
World War 2 sci-fi setting, introducing unhistorical events, alien technology and supernatural 1/24 scale play sets.
Dwarven Forge
Makers of a range of interlocking dungeon pieces, monster figures and various dungeon accessory packs.
East Riding Miniatures
Manufactures 6mm ships and 15mm historical miniatures.
Essex Miniatures
Produces miniatures and accessories in 15 and 25mm scales, in a selection of periods, ranging from ancient and historical to fantasy.
Eureka Miniatures
Australian manufacturer casting the popular Irregular range, as well as several others including pirates, SWAT teams, Victorian science fiction and 'apes with guns'.
Excalibur Miniatures
German manufacturer of science fiction and fantasy ranges. Actual pieces are better than pictured.
Fortress Figures Inc.
Manufacturer of plastic and resin miniatures, terrain, accessories and hollow cast buildings.
The Foundry
Producers of a large range of miniatures, including many historical and fantasy pieces. Also has guides, reference materials and books, as well as stocking a specialised paint range and modelling accessories.
Freebooter Miniatures
Official website of the miniature production company operated by renowned miniature artist Werner Klocke with many unique sculpts available.
Front Rank Figurines
Offers Napoleonic, 18th Century, and Medieval 28mm figurines.
Frontier Miniatures
UK distributor of the 15 and 25mm Frontier collectible historical wargame miniature ranges.
Grenadier Fantasy Miniatures
Owners of the line of Grenadier models, which were out of production but are now being recast from the original molds.
Griffin Miniatures
Producers of a range of fine larger scale miniatures, suited to wargaming, and for collectors their Masterpiece range's; which are intended for more experienced miniature artists.
Gripping Beast
Historical miniature manufacturer that includes ranges of Norse, and Saxons amongst others. Also produces accessories and scenic pieces for diorama modellers.
HaT Industrie
Producer of a range of 1/72 and 1/32 figurines in many historical periods.
Haus of Stuff
Manufacturer of the 15 and 25mm Frontier collectible historical wargame miniatures, as well as carrying books, 20mm WWII resin models, and Napoleonic rules.
Heresy Miniatures
Small selection of multi-part kit miniatures, more suited to the collector, and ideal for those who like dioramas.
Producer of several ranges of ancient, historical and fantasy figures and accessories.
Homegrown Miniatures
Producers of a range of specialist 25mm and 54mm "late war" American Civil War miniatures, with accessories and scenery also available.
The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company
Suppliers of a unique selection of wargames, scale figures, scale models, and accessories.
Imrie / Risley Miniatures
Manufacturer of museum-quality pewter miniatures, sculpted in 54mm (1/32 scale).
Manufacturer of spaceships in 1/3000th scale for use with the Space Dreadnought 3000 or SD3K gaming systems. Also produces 28mm science fiction figures, 28mm fantasy figures and the Hordes and Heroes fantasy rulebook and supporting 10mm miniatures.
Produces many ranges of historical figurines in various scales including 15, 20, and 25mm. Also has painting tips and information and galleries of the miniatures.
Famous manufacturer who produces a range of miniatures based on the Lord of the Rings for collectors.
Moonlight Miniatures
Manufacturers of 34mm pewter pirate figures set in the 1930s islands near the Caribbean.
Museum Miniatures
Varied ranges of historical and ancient miniatures, with accessories such as siege equipment and decorative pieces. Also carries a selection of kits on aircraft and several books.
Newline Design
Manufacturers of white metal 20 and 25mm collectable miniatures covering over four different periods, including, but not limited to Ancient and Napoleonic miniatures.
North Star Figures
Producer of white metal military castings and accessories.
Old Glory Miniatures
Producers of a varied selection of miniatures and accessories, including terrain and scenic pieces in 25mm scale. See also Old Glory 15s.
Old Glory's 15s
Includes the Quality Castings range of 15mm scale miniatures and other historical miniatures including Ancients, Napoleonic, American Civil War in detailed listings.
Outpost Wargame Services
Carries 15 and 28mm ranges centred on many historical battle periods. Also carries pre-made DBA armies and decal packs.
Panzerschiffe Model Ships
Manufacturers of 1/2400 epoxy cast, scale naval miniature ships with a downloadable catalogue.
Park Field Miniatures
Producers of a range of 25 and 15mm scale figurines in historical periods such as the American Civil War and Napoleonic War.
Pass o' the North
Specialising in 15mm ancient miniatures for wargamers from sculptor, Jeff Caruso.
Pegaso Models
Manufacturers of over ten ranges of larger scale miniatures for collectors or showcasing. Includes ancients, historical and fantasy and science fiction models.
Pendraken Miniatures
Manufacturers of a selection of 10mm wargaming figurines, with accessories and scenic items also available.
Perry Miniatures
Official site of the Perry twins, Games Workshop's renowned sculptors, which carries a specialist historical figure range.
Prince August
Creators of a do-it-yourself range of moulding products, including many historical and fantasy orientated moulds, and other recreational products, such as chess sets that can be cast at home.
Pulp Figures
Producer of several ranges of fantasy and historical miniatures. Galleries of painted figures are available.
Producers of many historical, fantasy, and science fiction miniatures. Have catalogues and information for download, along with showcase galleries of their miniatures.
Ral Partha Europe
Renowned producer of several respected ranges of figurines including miniatures for Battletech, VOR and the Crucible series.
Reaper Miniatures, Inc.
Producers of Dark Heaven 25mm fantasy, Warlord 25mm fantasy CAV (Combat Assault Vehicle,) Pro Paints and accessory products.
Redoubt Enterprises
Provides a vast range of historical figures and an online shop.
Sampson Ships
Produces a range of wooden, World War II ships for wargamers, plus has downloadable rules, board games and scenarios.
Scale Specialties
Carries a range of historical military figures, vehicles and armor (tanks).
Scotia Grendel Productions
Official producer of the Grendel range of figures and accessories, which includes scenic pieces, fantasy and science fiction ranges and siege equipment.
ShadowForge Miniatures
Specialising in only producing female figurines, ideally suited to the collector or diorama maker.
Stan Johansen Miniatures
Produces several miniature ranges, including science fiction, historical, and fantasy pieces for wargaming in 1/300, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm scales. Also offers a miniature painting service.
Producer of an line of plastic and resin kits and accessories for the modeller.
Respected manufacturer of a variety of modelling kits and accessories, as well as producing their own range of well known painting products.
Thoroughbred Models
Maker of 1/600th scale white metal ship models of the American Civil War era. Also carries books, tools, accessories, and paints for the naval hobbyist.
Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures
Small collectable diorama scenes and vignettes, modelled by a well respected miniature artist.
Tin Soldier
Creators of a sizeable range of miniatures, including science fiction and 'mech' products, as well as carrying historical and military pieces.
Tin Soldier UK
Producers of a range of 15 and 25mm historical miniature figurines as well as stocking a fantasy range in both scales.
Manufacturer of 54mm collectible historical miniatures, including Napoleonic, Samurais, Ninja, Medieval, Old Romans, Barbarians, Amazons and others. Also provides sculptuing, painting and custom design services.
Producer of various decal sets suitable for a wide variety of scales and models.
Total System Scenic
Manufactures ranges of 15mm and 1:100 scale miniatures which include periods such as the American Civil War, World Wars 1 and 2, Post War including Arab-Israeli and Korean War, and many models of modern vehicles and infantry.
Victory Force Miniatures
Produces a varied selection of WWII and modern-day warfare pewter figures, terrain pieces and vehicles, for tabletop wargaming or collectors. Scales include 25-33mm, 1/48 and 1/50.
War Gaming Miniatures
Designers of a range of historical miniatures, terrain, and buildings, as well as carrying the work of several other manufacturers and modelling equipment.
Warrior Miniatures
Producers of a range of historical and fantasy figurines in 15mm and 25mm ranges including Roman, Ancient and even fun pieces like the Fantasy Island range.
Welsh Models
Manufacturer of 1:144th scale plastic aircraft kits, that cater for the collector, including both commercial and military figurines.
West Wind Productions
Producer of white metal miniature figures for the collector or wargamer in 25mm scale which includes a varied selection of WWII figures and a range of tanks and vehicles and gothic horror and Vampire Wars figures.
WizKids Games
Manufacturers of several collectable miniature games and figures including Mage Knight and Mage Knight Dungeons, MechWarrior and the Marvel HeroClix ranges.
X-O Facto
Produces a range of vinyl and resin model and garage kits for the collector with many pieces inspired by film and TV.
Producers of a selection of miniatures including ranges of fantasy, horror, science fiction, historical and sports related pieces, but noted for their zombie figures.
Mexican producer, founded by the renowned Eli Raphael, of a range of large-scale resin cast collectors figurines with a vampiric feel.
Producers of several ranges of miniatures, including 1:72 scale medieval, WWII and modern pieces, and 1:35 scale WWII figures. Also publisher of the Hexostrategy and Age of Battles games. Editor Note: Site it Russian.
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