Tiddlywinks is a game of skill and strategy, invented in 1955 by two undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. It is now played at a number of English, Scottish and American universities, and at national tournaments organised in the three countries.
The English Tiddlywinks Association
Forthcoming Tiddlywinks tournaments; the latest ratings and newsletter; previous winners of major tournaments; and links to ETwA council members and back issues of Winking World.
50 facts about The Duke of Edinburgh
Includes a summary of the role of the His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh and the Goons in the creation of the Silver Wink.
The Harvard Tiddlywinks Society
Information on the Society and the game.
The North American Tiddlywinks Association
Includes rules of Tiddlywinks, strategy, the history of the game and compendium for game collectors.
Problems with the rules of tiddlywinks
A list of matters, however trivial, which have been raised concerning the rules of tiddlywinks. Maintained by Matt Fayers.
The h2g2's (slightly fictionalized) guide to the game and its players.
Tim Hedger on the Web
Infrequently updated tiddlywinks ratings.
Topical Words: Tiddlywinks
The belated recognition of the name of a Wiltshire hamlet leads to thoughts on beer houses and games.
Yahoo! Groups : tiddlywinks
Bulletin Board that claims to be "everything about the classic game of tiddlywinks, from the 1890s parlor game to the competitive tournament game".
Tiddlywinks team plans return to former glory
The news office of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reports on the refounding of MITTwA. (January 10, 2007)
Britain's top at tiddlywinks
The BBC's report on the 24th World Pairs. (October 29, 2002)
A life of sex, booze and tiddlywinks
The Sydney Morning Herald's obituary of the 4th Earl of Kimberley, the most-married man in the peerage and a former player of the game. (June 01, 2002)
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