Games Game Studies Personal Pages
Websites belonging to researchers whose main research area is game studies.
Adams, Ernest W.
Game designer and theorist. Archive of columns published in Gamasutra, other articles, list of print publications, pages describing game philosophy.
Bartle, Richard
(Ln(x))3. The everyday weblog of MUD Scholar Richard Bartle.
Burke, Timothy
Personal weblog of Terra Nova contributor. Includes links and other resources.
Dekoven, Bernie
Articles, links, and weblog chronicling personal search for games and toys, ideas and innovations, people and events that enhance our capacity for having fun.
Dibbell, Julian
Personal site contains articles and writing samples including research on MMORPG economies and "A Rape in Cyberspace."
Dormans, Joris
Website of Dutch independent game scholar Joris Dormans. His articles on games and related subjects can be found here.
Eladhari, Mirjam
Gotland University in Sweden and University of Teesside in England. Personal weblog and notes for Ph.D. work on MMORPGs.
Flanagan, Mary
Digital media artist, author, educator, and designer.
Frasca, Gonzalo
Independent. Weblog, articles, games. Research on political games, simulations, ludology.
Funk, Jeanne B
University of Toledo. Research on the impact of violence in computer and video games on children. List of publications.
Juul, Jesper
IT University of Copenhagen. Articles, reviews, thesis, games.
Kennerly , David
Professional and academic articles, presentation, and interviews game design philosophy, MMORPG design, and game education.
Kirksæther, Jørgen
Brief presentation of his doctoral thesis on videogame history and a few links.
Klastrup, Lisbeth
Researching the construction of story in virtual worlds. Background in hypertext theory. Weblog and publications.
Klevjer, Rune
Phd scholar at the University of Bergen, Norway. Abstract of his doctoral project: Play and Mediation in Computer Games, links to papers.
Konzack, Lars
Aalborg University. Research on computer games and ludology. Weblog and articles.
Kücklich, Julian
Graphic facilitation, graphic recording, visualizations, and sketchnotes.
Mactavish, Andrew
Focuses on the performative and participatory elements of computer game play. Also researches hypertext theory and interactive, streaming video.
Montfort, Nick
Theorist and author/developer specialising in interactive fiction, often in the crossover between game and literature. Games, fiction, publications and links.
Mortensen, Torill
Volda University College. Weblog. Research on MUDs.
Nowviskie, Bethany
University of Virginia. Dissertation deals with games and generative art in the context of conflicting design philosophies: hermeneutic and algorithmic. CV, descriptions of dissertation and projects, list of publications.
Pearce, Celia
Interactive media designer who has also written on games. Papers and descriptions of projects are available.
Poremba, Cindy
Weblog, articles and projects centered around multiplayer games, women and technology, emergence in communities and games and serial and reconfigurable narrative.
Rau, Anja
Germany. Weblog, articles, conference calls. Research on computer games and hypertext.
Smith, Jonas Heide
PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen. Personal weblog and CV.
Taylor, Laurie
Professional and academic articles, presentations, and links to other resources.
Tosca, Susana
IT University of Copenhagen. Articles, activities, teaching.
Walker, Jill
Weblog. Links to publications and other resources.
Yee, Nicholas
Research is both quantative and qualitative, and is particularly centred on players of EverQuest and other Massive Multi-Player Online Games.
Zimmerman, Eric
Game designer, artist, and academic at NYU exploring the theory and practice of game design. Essays, links, teaching.
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