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Online tools and calculators for sports betting.
Basketball Handicapping Software
Updated software including a Money Line converter and calculator for ROI and parlay formulas.
Bet Angel
Provides software for automated trading on betting exchanges. Free trial available.
Betting calculators for working out returns on various bet types.
Betgrail Software
Provides automated betting software for use with Betfair. Free trials available.
Binteko Software
Offers free trial software for online sports trading on the Betfair.
Horse racing software including results since 2001 with official ratings, statistics, private ratings, profiling and systems analyser.
Football Data
Provides soccer results and match statistics ready for use with spreadsheet applications to help with computer-based betting systems.
The Geek's Toy
Free full version betting and trading software for Betfair.
Go Win Software
Soccer prediction software that includes results, statistics, and team evolutions for over 25 leagues.
Golf Predictor
Golf statistics analysis software and prediction service covering the US and European PGA Tours.
Golf Side Bets
Software to track golf side games, wagers, and bets.
Horse Racing Pick Six
This site discusses the exotic bet called the pick six and suggests various playing strategies including the use of software as a reduction engine.
International Toto
Offers free software containing soccer news, statistics, and analysis.
M.W. Pitts
Software for golf betting including Pari-Mutuel and Dogfight tournaments.
Micro Brothers
Offers free trial handicapping software for pro and college football and pro basketball.
Statistics software prediction program for NFL and NCAA division 1A games. All teams covered.
Nags Head Software
Sells golf tournament and horse racing pari-mutuel betting software. Free trial version available.
Odds Converter
Simple online tool for conversion between decimal, fractional and moneyline odds formats.
Odds Wizard - Newhaven Software
Sports prediction software. Generates various odds and probabilities for over 100 soccer, hockey and tennis leagues. NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL leagues are also covered.
Provides an enhanced trading interface for use with Betfair.
PDS Sports
Offering a wide range of sports handicapping software.
Pick Monitor
Provides software for tracking, buying and selling sports picks.
Soccer Stats Tracker
Program to help track statistics of previously played soccer matches.
Sports Gambling Databases
MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAAF sports gambling databases.
Online database of archived US lines for a variety of sports.
The Staking Machine
Sports betting software including bet tracking, system analysis and staking plan optimizer.
Tennis Data
Provides tennis results, match statistics and live betting odds database.
Well Done Software
Offers software for storing live market data in real time from online trading.
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