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Annual con held in Northern Virginia by the 1d4cast Podcast team. Offers tabletop rpgs, card games, board games, LARPs and miniature games.
Ancient City Con
Annual anime, comic book, gaming, and science fiction convention held in Jacksonville, Florida.
(Another Game Convention) Held annually in the Cleveland / Akron OH area in the late spring. Includes rpgs, indie gaming, board gaming and a gaming room for children.
Gaming convention in Stamford, Connecticut that features roleplaying games and a variety of other gaming.
Annual science fiction and fantasy convention in the St. Louis, Missouri area with a large gaming section.
An annual three-day gaming convention hosted by The University of Toledo in Ohio. Website includes information for exhibitors and attendees.
BPA World Boardgaming Championships
Held annually in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and sponsored by the Boardgame Players Association. The convention runs 100 boardgame tournaments. It also has a separate set of tournaments for children and preteens.
Offers board, card, and role playing games, events, and activities and contains information on games, events and local accommodation.
Carnage on the Mountain
An annual tabletop gaming convention the first weekend in November in the upper Connecticut River Valley of Vermont. Features role-playing games, historical and fantasy miniatures, CCGs, board gaming, and LARPs.
Annual gaming convention held in Charleston, West Virginia.
Austin, Texas convention featuring roleplaying, tabletop games, panels, special guests, vendors. Held in January.
Cod Con
Held in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, in April. Events include Dominion, Dungeons and Dragons, Live Action Role Playing, video games and board games.
Held each September, in Rolla, Missouri. Includes: roleplaying, CCGs, wargames, and computer games.
Con in the Castle
Annual spring convention held at Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth, OH. Held to benefit the Child's Play charity. Offers board games and rpgs, as well as, a medieval style dinner on Saturday night.
Con of the North
Non-profit, all volunteer games convention held annually in St. Paul, Minnesota. Roleplaying, war, board, miniatures, collectable card, and computer games.
An annual science fiction convention held in Huntsville, AL which is sponsored by the North Alabama Science Fiction Association. It features a full line of events from gaming to panel discussions.
Annual game convention in Stamford, Connecticut. Includes many systems of role playing and war games. Features a number of ongoing campaigns.
Game convention located in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Its purpose is to promote adventure gaming in the Midwest. Features RPGA, RPG, miniature, board and collectable card games.
Double Exposure (DexCon, Dreamation, Metatopia)
Trio of game cons run by Double Exposure in Morristown, NJ. DexCon is traditionally 4th of July weekend and Dreamation is traditionally Presidents Day weekend in February. Metatopia is a game designers' convention where attendees are play testers of new games for the weekend.
The world's largest fantasy/SF convention, held annually in Atlanta, GA, on Labor Day weekend.
Annual convention held in August in Bellevue, Washington, featuring board games, miniatures, roleplaying, RPGA, CCGs, computer games, and an auction.
A February convention in San Ramon, California. Featuring board games, miniatures, card games, LARP, roleplaying, and SCA.
Convention in April at PSU in Plymouth, NH every year. Games include RPGs, board games, LARP, panels, and anime viewing.
Erie Days of Games (EDOG)
Annual fall con in Erie, PA. Offers board games, card games and miniatures games.
Fields of Honor
A gaming convention held in Des Moines, Iowa. Includes board games, war games, role playing games and card games.
Held in Wisconsin every February since 2001, Fire & Ice attracts board, card, miniature and role-playing gamers from around the state and the midwest.
Annual gaming convention located in Bloomington, Illinois. A variety of roleplaying, miniature, board, and card games and tournaments are represented. Vendor range from Anime, gaming, fantasy gifts, and comics.
FreeCon 2001
Three-day roleplaying convention in the Lansing, Michigan area.
Plymouth, NH. Sponsored by the PSU Gaming Club, this convention is geared toward being affordable.
Gamehole Con
Annual fall convention in Madison, WI. Features table top gaming of all sorts including role playing games, board games, collectible card games as well as, fantasy and historical minis.
Annual social and strategic game convention. Held in March in Vancouver, Washington.
Annual game fair held in Iowa City, Iowa. Offers roleplaying, CCGs, board and strategy games, miniatures events, and live-action roleplaying games (LARPs), as well as special guests, an auction, and free pop all weekend (That's soda, for those not from the mid-west).
Gary Con
Annual spring con held in Lake Geneva, WI to honor the memory of E. Gary Gygax. Offers both modern and old school role playing games, an open gaming room and a board game room.
GCOM : Game Days
Held annually in the spring (March/April) in Timonium, Maryland. Offers four days of open gaming. Website contains contact information for organisers, information on current, and historical events.
Gen Con
Annual summer convention in Indianapolis. Considered the main US game convention of the year.
Gnome Con
Annual science fiction/fantasy and gaming convention in Savannah, GA. A majority of their profits are donated to a local library to promote literacy.
Guns of August / Williamsburg Muster
The Hampton Roads Wargamers host two annual wargame conventions in Williamsburg, Virginia. Guns of August is their summer con and the Williamsburg Muster is their winter convention.
Havoc Historical Miniatures Wargaming
BattleGroup Boston's famous Havoc convention.
Heat of Battle
A wargaming convention presented by (and held within) The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, LA. Gaming opportunities span all theaters and years of WWII: land, sea and air.
Decatur, Illinois tabletop game convention featuring board games, card games, role playing games, seminars, tournaments, and special events. Proceeds benefit Games For Troops - a non-profit dedicated to sending games to the men and women of the US Armed Forces.
Historical miniature gaming society that hosts both RECON and HURRICON in Orlando, Florida.
Annual convention held in September in Springfield, Illinois.
Science fiction/fantasy convention with a strong gaming track. Includes events such as roleplaying, miniatures, and collectible card gaming, tournaments with prizes, RPGA events. Indianapolis, IN. July.
Annual gaming convention in Kansas City during the month of July.
Held annually in May, in Burlingame, California. Offers scheduled and open gaming, a large dealers room, seminars and other special events.
A three day table top gaming convention held in Lexington KY, in early May. Featuring game designers and new games.
Long running genre convention in New York, featuring Anime, Gaming, LARPing, dances, parties, panels, a costume contest, Rocky Horror, Filk, writers workshops, and meetups. Held in March.
Lvl Up Expo
Las Vegas Video Game Convention covering gaming (both tabletop and video), anime, and comics. Held in February.
Held in North Carolina. Featuring LARPs, roleplay, board, card and miniature games.
Annual science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention run by the Science Fiction Fantasy Guild of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.
Mag Con
Annual game convention featuring board gaming, card games and role-playing games in the Houston, Texas area. All proceeds go to support a local charity.
Marmalade Dog
Held each year by the Western Michigan Gamers Guild (WMGG) on the campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Features role-playing games, collectible card games, board games, special events and guests.
MEPACON - Mid Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Convention
Twice annual (Spring and Fall) gaming convention held in Clark Summit, Pennsylvania. Features board games, card games, roleplaying games, LARPs, and miniature gaming.
Science fiction, fantasy, science, horror, and gaming convention held in Memphis, Tennessee, in late March.
Held every November in the Austin, Texas area. Offers miniatures, role playing, board games, and card playing events. Special guests and tournaments are also featured.
Annual fantasy and gaming convention in Mobile, Alabama. Features roleplaying, board, miniature, computer, and collectible card games, live action roleplaying, and anime rooms.
Multi-genre convention for fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, table top gaming and video games. Over 12,000 attendees come together annually in Atlanta, GA to celebrate their passion by costuming / cosplay, browsing the huge exhibitors hall, gaming (video gaming, board gaming, card gaming, role playing) and meeting the celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers behind their favorite shows and games.
Monster Con
Annual game convention featuring horror themed games held in October in Yakima, Washington.
Nexus Game Fair
A multi-genre game convention in Milwaukee, WI. It focuses on role-playing, miniature war, board, and collectible / tradable card games. Website contains information regarding events and special guests.
Supported by a not-for-profit group that promotes the positive educational, creative, and social benefits of gaming, through the yearly convention and monthly events and located in Omaha, Nebraska.
Origins Game Fair
Strategic war simulations, board games, card games, and miniatures. Held in Columbus, Ohio.
Long running convention in Indiana, held in early November each year and including roleplaying and live action RPG, miniatures, board games, and networked computer games, plus seminars and a dealers area.
Phoenix Comicon
Comic book and anime convention held in June features gaming tournaments--console, CCG, and tabletop games. Includes FAQs.
Held annually at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California. Offers role playing, board games, wargames, and collectible card games.
An anime/gaming convention for Portland, Maine. A yearly convention.
Held in February, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Board games, miniatures and CCGs.
Queen City Conquest
Annual summer gaming con in Niagara Falls, NY. Includes role playing games, war games, board games, and collectible card games.
Annual fall convention in Tucson, AZ. Presented by the Southern Arizona Gamers Association (SAGA).
Annual winter convention on the campus of SUNY Geneseo. Hosted by the Geneseo Area Gaming Group and offering role playing events, warhammer tournaments, collectible card games, console games, a vendor room, and charity auction.
Siege of Augusta
Annual winter war game convention hosted by HMGS MidSouth in Augusta, GA.
Summer table top game convention with over 3500 sq feet of gaming space. Held annually in Summerville, South Carolina.
Offers an array of family, historical, fantasy, and science fiction board, card, computer, miniatures, and roleplaying games in Los Angeles, California at the LAX Radisson. Runs three annual conventions: Orccon over Presidents Day Weekend, Gamex over Memorial Day Weekend and Gateway over Labor Day Weekend.
Tennessee Game Days
A three day board and card game convention held annually in Nashville, Tennessee.
Annual summer video game and board game convention in the Philadelphia area.
Total Confusion
Annual convention held in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Includes roleplaying games, LARPS, miniature, board and card games, painting contest, and art shows.
U•Con Gaming Convention
Held in Ann Arbor, MI, in November. Roleplaying games, CCGs, board games, miniatures, train games, LARP, dealers' room, auction, and speciality gaming tracks. Website contains details about exhibhitors, guest speakers and events
What-Khan Game Convention
Annual tabletop gaming convention held in Rockford, IL. Features historical and fantasy miniature gaming, collectible miniatures, role-playing, board gaming, and other events that cover the entire spectrum of adventure gaming. Website contains information including events, traders and special guests.
Fantasy, science fiction and gaming convention held annually at Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska. Hosted by the Wayne State College Science Fiction and Fantasy Club.
Winter Fantasy
Held annually in January, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Includes role playing, board games, MtG, and special guests. Website includes event and guest information, and a message forum.
Winter War
Annual war game convention in Champaign, Illinois. Their core is historical miniatures, but they also offer a wide variety of board games and role-playing games, as well as Magic tournaments, dealers, and a live auction.
Annual Winter gaming convention held in Rochester, Michigan, hosted by the Metro Detroit Gamers. Includes: board games, miniature games, role playing games, collectible card games, LARPs and other popular games.
Features board games, RPG's, mini's, computer games, a games auction, and prizes.
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