This category covers the conversion of one arcade cabinet from one game to another or the conversion of an arcade cabinet to run with an emulator, something which is known as MAMEing after the popular emulator MAME.
Arcade Machine
Retro fitting a low-boy arcade machine with a pentium-powered M.A.M.E. setup.
The Asylum
Conversion of a generic cocktail/tabletop cabinet to a MAME machine.
BBoy's homepage
Hardware, software, and pictures.
Crap2MAME Project, The
Making a MAME machine from a beat up old Soul Caliber arcade cabinet.
dEfCADE - arcade candy
Hardware, technical information, wiring, and movie.
Defender to MAME
Converting and restoration of a Defender cabinet.
DKappey MAME Arcade Cabinet
Conversion of real arcade cabinet to MAME cabinet with its original 25 inch rotating NTSC monitor. 2 joy with 6 buttons + spinner, coin door and stereo speakers. Only pictures.
Hin Tysen's MAME cabinet
Once a GORF, then a MegaZone, now a MAME cabinet.
John & Mad's M.A.M.E. 2K Project
Converting a Tempest cab to run MAME.
The LillyPad
All-in-one MAME game video arcade conversion with technical details.
Mame Arcade
Pictures and discussion of a conversion.
MAME Cabinet
Conversion of a LadyBug cabinet.
MAME cocktail project pics --- the cabs
Pictures of the MAMEing of a couple of cocktail cabinets.
megaMAME Cabinet
Pictures and specifications of the computer hardware used.
PacFan's Arcade Cabinets
Two converted cabinets.
Several joystick, cocktail, and cockpit projects.
Roswell 88201
Craig's arcade cabinet. Complete with photographs.
Weird Pier's MAME Cabinet
An ongoing project to build a MAME cabinet using PC2Jamma.
X-treme M.A.M.E.
Recondition a full upright arcade cabinet, with a computer running M.A.M.E. and ArcadeOS.
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