Oh Hell! is also known by many other names, including Blackout, Elevator (l'Ascenseur in France), Oh Shit!, Bust and Up and Down the River (in Australia and New Zealand), Boerenbridge or 10 op en neer in the Netherlands. From 3 to 7 people can play. The game is best when played with 4 to 6. A game of Oh Hell consists of a series of hands, played with a standard 52 card deck. In each hand players bid how many tricks they are going to take and get points at the end of the hand if they took exactly what they bid. Unlike other trick taking games, a player does not score if he takes more than what was bid. The first round, players each start with one card. The next round each player is dealt two cards, and each successive hand size is increased by one, up to the maximum hand size. The maximum hand size is whatever can be dealt out evenly to all the players. Extra cards are set aside after each player has received the appropriate number of cards, and the top one is turned over to define the trump suit. Variants include starting with the maximum hand size and going down to one, starting with one, going up to the maximum, and then back down to one, and starting with the maximum, going down to one, and then back to the maximum. Key characteristics: trick taking, exact bidding, variable hand size Variables: number of hands and order of hand size variation, different scoring systems include losing points for missing the bid, disallowing an even bid (total of all players' bids not allowed to equal the number of tricks), deck variation from standard 52 cards, trump is either random or chosen by high bidder
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Love That Joker
This variation adds two jokers to the deck which at as wild cards. Either joker can be played as being of higher rank than the Ace of any suit, or lower than the 2, at the player's discretion.
Oh Hell
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Oh Hell!
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Oh Hell!
Al Okenuff's rules where you lose points if you do not make your bid.
Romanian Whist
In this variation of Oh Hell, extra hands are played with one card and with the maximum cards, even bids are disallowed, and points are lost for missed bids.
The Rules of Oh Hell
Pratt and Whitney East Hartford Cafeteria Card Players' Club variation.
Known as "Stich Ansagen" in Central Europe, which roughly translates to "Predict Tricks" or "Call the Trick". Play is from 1 to 13 to 1 card hands and even bidding is allowed.
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