Websites offering rules, strategies, and information for multiple card games.

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An online portal offering strategy and rules for the game 3 card brag.
52 Pickup
An instructional guide for various card games. Includes Whist, 3 Player Euchre, Solo Whist and Oklahoma Gin. Card Games
Games, online tournaments and clubs, card collecting tips, download of game software, new games, and magazines.
American Grandparents Association: Card Games
AGA instructions for Gin Rummy, Anaconda, Solitaire, and 24 other card games.
Android: Netrunner Rulebook
Rules for assymmetrical cyberpunk card game Android: Netrunner.
Animal Game Annex
Guides for card games like Polar Bear, Warthog, Orangutan, and Magpie. Card Games
Provides game rules and strategy for Creights, Barbu, Ninety-nine, Psychological Jujitsu and Canadian Fish.
Beginners Guide to Dominion
Beginners guide to the Dominion collectible card game.
BellaOnline Children's Card Games
Lists rules and instructions for card games designed for children.
Board Game Rules
Includes card game rules for Fairy Tale, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, and Cyrano.
BoardGameGeek Card Games
Includes reviews of traditional card games, children's games, and international games.
Briangle Card Games
Instructions for 50+ card games, categorized by the number of players needed.
Card Game Report
Directory of game rules for Apples to Apples, Loaded Questions, Cosmic Encounter, and Fluxx.
Card Game Reviews Blog
Rules and reviews for dedicated deck card games like Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, Wyatt Earp, and Quiddler.
Card Games Planet
Includes rules for Flinch, Pit, Cranium, and Mindtrap.
Card | The Esoteric Order of Gamers
Rules for Arcana, Blue Moon, Shazamm!, and 37 other card games.
Cards Against Humanity Rules
Official Website Rules to the Politically-Incorrect Party Game Cards Against Humanity.
Cards and Dominoes
Features rules for cards, dominoes and dice games.
Casino Card Game Reviews
Guide to games like No-Flop Pineapple, Rabbit Hole, and Three-Card Mulligan.
Egyptian Ratscrew
Includes a short introduction, equipment, basic play, and other rules.
Elizabethan Card Games
Includes rules to card games played during the Elizabethan era such as Maw and Bone-Ace
Exploding Kittens Game Rules
Rules and Review for the Exploding Kittens Card Game.
A Game of Thrones LCG Rules
Basic rules for A Game of Thrones Living Card Game. Games
Rules for Nusicle, Trib, Tunge, Novelty Strange and various standard deck games.
House of Cards
Information on multiple games including solitaire, poker, bridge, hearts, canasta, rummy, and casino gambling.
How to Play Stuff
Includes instructions on how to play Spoons, Go Fish, BS, Speed, and other card games.
International Playing Card Society
Multiple FAQs about cards and card games, plus a worldwide list of playing card societies.
Learn Play Win
Rules and strategy tips for Cribbage, Rummy, Solitaire and other games of skill
Monopoly Deal Strategy Guide
Guide to winning Monopoly Deal Cards. Includes tips and an extensive strategy list.
Munchkin Rules
Rules for Munchkin and 25 variants.
Pagat: Card Games
A collection of dozens of card game rules arranged alphabetically, categorically, and geographically.
Parlett's Historic Card Games
Describes obscure card games from the past.
Psychological JuJitsu
Offers rules and strategy for playing Psychological JuJitsu. Also includes different variations to the game.
Real Beer Card Games
Card games associated with beer drinking. Includes Down the River, Float the Bobber, Philly Style and Brain Damage
Rules to Period Games
A directory offering rules to games from multiple historical periods. Includes rules and descriptions of Tarot games, As Nas and Karnoeffel.
Star Wars: The Card Game
Rules to the Star Wars card game from Fantasy Flight Games.
Tarock Card Game Rules
Rules and card information for Tarock, a basic version of Tarot played in Austria and other central European countries. - Playing Card History
Offers information on the history of playing cards, specifically the origins of Chinese and European playing cards.
White Knuckle Playing Cards: Rules for Card Games
Includes Bezique, Euchre, Skat, Polignac, and other games by game family.
Wikipedia - Card Games
Contains rules and equipment, as well as a list of card games.
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