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Games which focus on warfare and/or politics are featured in this category. The wars and political situations may or may not be historical in nature; some war games are set in fictional universes, for example.

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Information on all wargames: errata, variants, reviews, and links. Emphasis on board wargames.
Armour Page
Free downloadable gaming materials, including rules, software, scenarios, and at least one complete boardgame
Blue Max Page
World War I air combat rules, for board game or miniatures.
Club Nihon Simulation
Features information on war games produced in Japan, particularly in the sci-fi anime tradition.
Eric Pass' Home Page
Home page of an avid PBEM gamer - many game replays and turn summaries. Also Squad Leader mailing list resources.
GMT Games: Wargames, Military Simulations
GMT Games web site with descriptions of games, a discussion site, an order area, and news.
Gurth's Phoenix Command
Contains rule modifications for Phoenix Command.
HisSim South Kanagawa
Discussion forum for the Historical Simulation Boardgamers Society of Japan. Members usually meet in Kanagawa, Japan but anyone with an interest in games, Japan, or the world may join the forum.
History Gamer
Classic Board and PC Games based on history are discussed and reviewed. The games featured were written last century, and the site has a leaning towards strategy board games.
India Wargamers
A wargaming group. Games played includes Piquet, Ancient Warfare and De Bellis Multitudinis. With battle reports, campaign notes, articles, and list of players.
Lou Coatney's Home Page
Designer of several published WWII wargames. Download free "1st Alamein" lunch-hour boardgame, cardstock model ship plans (Monitor and U.S. WWII Destroyer Escort), general game commentary, reviews.
Megagame Makers
For anyone visiting who has no idea what this is all about, welcome, and have a look around. These are not computer games, aren't played by email (or snail mail) but are about face-to-face play between real people in real time.
New England Simulations
Publisher's site for 2 games: The Killing Ground and Battle of Dresden.
SPW - Schroeder Publishing and Wargames
'Der Weltkrieg' (German for 'The World War'). Eventually - campaigns in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East from 1900 to the present. Currently 3 WWI games.
The Wargamer's Ring
Member pages include sites on boardgames, computer games, miniatures games, and even military history.

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