Battle games all use a number of different types of pieces, each with different styles of movement. Typically the goal is to capture a key piece belonging to your opponent. Many of the battle games played today are borne from Chaturanga, a very ancient game from India, of which Chess is a direct descendant. This category is dedicated to sites containing lessons, FAQs or tutorials aimed at assisting players to learn or improve their chess game at their own pace.

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Chess Videos
Learn by watching expert chess videos or upload your own video for discussion in the forums.
Farnsworth's Predator at the Chessboard
A free comprehensive online book detailing hundreds of chess tactics using diagrams and examples.
A collection of short articles covering strategy and tactics.
Allexperts: Chess
Volunteer experts answer your detailed questions about chess strategies and tactics for free.
Animated Chess
Includes move animations detailing the rules of chess, chess related wallpaper, animated games, and puzzles.
Avler Chess
Chess resource for learning to play chess, learning strategies, buying chess products and discussing chess with other chess fans and players.
A Beginner's Garden of Chess Openings
Illustrated examples of mainline openings.
A Beginners Guide to Chess
Details how to set up a chess board and briefly introduces each chess piece.
The Bishops Bounty
Provides categorized details of various links covering chess tactics, strategy and opening theory from numerous sources.
Chess Elo Rating System
Explanation of the Elo rating system, chess links directory and chess puzzles.
Chess Fans Club
Blog providing a collection of basic chess tutorials and articles.
Chess Instructions for Beginners
Provides a tutorial appropriate for those seeking to learn to play chess.
A Chess Realm
Free online chess tutorials, chess history and information and news.
Chess Rules
Details the general rules of chess, board setup and basics on how the pieces move.
Chess Tutorial Page
Offers chess lessons and instructions for beginner and intermediate players.
Chess Visualisation Training
Free online step-by-step exercises to help increase your chess visualisation.
ChessKIDS academy
Chess lessons and quizzes for kids including a resource center for parents and teachers.
Expert Chess Strategies
Study chess openings, strategies and tactics. Replay hundreds of chess games or play games online against the computer.
Grandmasters Chess Academy
Chess training, downloads, skill evaluations and improvement guides, and a wide range of chess software and books.
Internet Chess Page
Provides information on openings, games and chess trivia.
Learn to Play Chess
Explains chess rules, piece movements, piece capture, board setup, tactics, openings and endings.
The Orang Utan : 1.b4!
Provides information on the Sokolsky (also known as Polish and Orang-Utan) chess opening. Information on tournaments, CAP data, games, history and even facts on the animal itself.

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